Thursday, October 21, 2021

Boko, Saleshando sing from the same hymn book

The Botswana Congress Party President, Dumelang Saleshando hinted about  Botswana Congress Party intention to join the Umbrella for Democratic Change at Botswana National Front 50 years anniversary in Kanye over the weekend.

Saleshando made assurance after the UDC President , Duma Boko asked the leadership of political parties to be on the forefront of uniting opposition parties.

Saleshando also indicated that the opposition cooperation between the BCP  and Umbrella for Democratic Change will take power in 2019.  Saleshando also referred to the failed cooperation to 2014 elections as a mistake that happened by then.

His statement was welcomed with ululations among the multitudes of the UDC members who thronged the event.

  “ Together with UDC and BCP we will take power and we are currently working on opposition unity.  Mistakes happen and those mistakes can be corrected as evidenced by the relationship between UDC and BCP geared towards opposition unity,”added Saleshando.  The BCP president also took swipe at the ruling party for  failing Batswana.

Saleshando was worried that under the current government corruption is a worrying trend.

Saleshando stated that the opposition can no longer watch the ruling party to loot public funds under their watch.

He also advised members of the ruling party to vote opposition since it is evident that the ruling party is no longer interested in resolving pertinent issues affecting Batswana.

 However the UDC , President Duma Boko stated that there is a need for the leadership in the  opposition parties to take a role in uniting opposition.

Boko stated  that the leadership of opposition parties should unite and bring hope to Batswana. 

Boko stated that the leaderership should not be shaken by the   failed  cooperation prior to 2014 elections. Boko said the opposition cooperation is the only solution to problems bedevilling the country under the current government.  

Boko indicated that the failed cooperation should strengthen the opposition. He said that the failed cooperation has done good to the opposition as it is evident that it is now eager about unity among opposition parties.  Former Bakwena Regent Kgosikwena Sebele indicated that the founding father of Botswana National Front , Dr Kenneth Koma’s wishes have been accomplished.

Sebele indicated that the current crop of opposition leadership as geared towards the cooperation was  Koma’s wish.

 He further stated that leadership of the opposition cooperation is a sign that shows that the opposition is eager to overthrow the ruling party in 2019.

Sebele also stated that he is optimistic that Batswana are eager for change as evidenced by their role in 2014 when they voted UDC in Molepolole North and South. He indicated that people voted according to his wish.


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