Sunday, April 21, 2024

Bokomo ring-fences 85 000 cans of Liqui Fruit drinks after contamination scare

Bokomo Botswana – the assigned distributor of Liqui fruit Red grape 330ml originating from South Africa says it has ring fenced atleast 85 000 cans of the said consumer juice drinks. 

This follows an incident in which in the neighbouring country – South Africa the drink was recalled after three consumers found “small shards of glass” in their 330ml cans.

Bokomo Botswana Chief Executive – Werner De beer says about 85 000 cans were traced and ring fenced at the company’s warehouse in the capital Gaborone. 

“We checked with all our clients’ country wide for the mentioned product and they did not have it. We discovered that it was still in our warehouse and we informed the Gaborone city council and the Ministry of Health and Wellness about the product. We did not have to do a product recall because everything was still in our warehouse.”

Bokomo Botswana thus says it is awaiting instructions from Pioneer Foods in South Africa on what to do with the product. 

The Gaborone City Council on the other hand on September 18 issued Bokomo Botswana with a detention certificate, confirming that product has been declared unwholesome and detained according to the Public health Act. GCC also instructed that the affected products should remain intact and should not be tempered with or removed from premises unless in agreement with the local authority.

“The necessary authorities namely Competition Authority, Ministry of health and wellbeing and Environmental Department of Gaborone City Council have been made aware and are being updated throughout the entire process”, says De Beer. He added that there is no need for panic amongst local consumers as the products in question have been isolated.  


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