Saturday, May 18, 2024

Bonang Matheba opens up and dazzles Batswana

On Thursday Sir Seretse Khama Airport was filled with media and fans alike to welcome South African television presenter, fashion designer and philanthropist, Bonang Matheba.

For many Batswana, Matheba, who is commonly known as Bonang, is a glamour girl they see on their television screens and who seems to have it all.

Very few know of her humble upbringing and her determination and perseverance to make it to the top. The young South African was accompanied by models from Posh Model Agency and joined by journalists at the Phakalane Golf Estate to answer questions and it was not long before the confident and glamorous charming persona took charge and began to unravel herself to the media.

Bonang told the audience that she is grateful for where she is now, because she could not afford to finish her university education, adding that ten years ago she could not have pictured herself in the same level of success that she is at now.

Though she encouraged Batswana to strive for their dreams, if it’s in entertainment, she also pointed out that not everyone is meant to be a media magnet.

“Not everyone is meant to be on television; about 0.05 percent of the world’s population are on television. You need to have the right mentality and a good team behind you,” she said.
One of the more interesting questions that Bonang responded to was when she was asked about her refusal to pose for Playboy magazine but, instead, opted to grace the pages of FHM.

She explained that the difference for her was very simple and that Playboy expressed nudity whereas FHM was more sensual and showcased bikini’s that are not frowned upon in society as people wear them to beaches.

She also emphasized that, as a role model not just to young fans, she also wants to set a perfect example for her daughter.

Though she spends a lot of time in front of cameras, she still finds time to give back to the community through her charity, ‘Help a Sister Out’, which helps young girls between 12-16 and helps them deal problems they may be encountering, such as lack of funds for sanitary items or dealing with loss of family.

Bonang later held a motivational speech where she encouraged Batswana to look for ways in which they can make an impact and not expect everything to fall into their laps.

She pointed out that Batswana are lucky to receive free education as compared to South Africans who have to pay for their tuition and should use this to advantage.

Bonang launched her first clothing range called Just B in 2008.

She followed that up in 2009 with her own range of trendy handbags called Baby Star.
When asked how much she thinks she’s worth, she instead pointed to her Twitter account that is worth US$150 000 as a fraction of her net worth.

Bonang’s awards include: South Africa’s Coolest Female TV Star ÔÇô 2011 Sunday Times Generation Next Survey; The Most Stylish Media Personality- 2011 SA Style Awards; Most Stylish Female Personality- 2011; One of the Most Influential Young South Africans in Media- The Mail & Guardian Newspaper (2011), 4th Sexiest Woman In The World (FHM 2011).


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