Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Bonaso property to be auctioned to pay money owed former employee

The Botswana Network of Aids Organizations (BONASO) has been placed under the hammer.

This follows after the Lobatse High Court Registrar issued an order in default of appearance in a case in which the organization’s former employee, Moshe David Mbulawa, was suing it for the sum of P83,109.58 for gratuity and leave encashment.

Mbulawa said that the case has been dragging on for more than two years and the organization has always been making promises that it would pay him all the money it owes him but never did so.

“All I have been getting from them were empty promises which they never fulfilled,” fumed Mbulawa.
According to him, their non compliance is what has forced him to seek legal recourse.

“If they had been cooperative, I would probably not have gone to Court over the matter. I did that because they seemed to treat the issue as nothing important,” he said.

Asked to say whether or not it was true that he had been paid some of the money that he was originally owed, Mbulawa confirmed this. “What they have paid me is far less than the total amount they owe me,” he said.

Asked to comment on the issue, the Director of BONASO, Daniel Motsatsing, confirmed that they had been placed under the hammer. According to him, there is definitely no dispute that they owe him but that it was very strange that he had taken them to Court and finally got a judgment against them.
“We are very shocked that he has got a judgment against us. All along, we have been negotiating with him and explaining to him our dire financial situation. We thought he had understood us and did not expect this from him,” he said.

Besides that, he explained that they had paid him part of the amount they owed him which he said should have shown Mbulawa that they were willing to pay him.

“It is not like we are just sitting around and not doing a thing concerning the money we owe him. The fact that we have paid him some money is a good sign of that,” he stressed.
When told that Mbulawa is insisting that what they had paid him was far less than what they owe him, Motsatsing said, “But we are doing something about it and could have given him all the money that we owe him if it was not for the financial constraints we are currently facing.”

The BONASO director declined to confirm or deny that the organization’s employees had recently been given salary increments saying, “I cannot comment on that”.

Asked what they intend doing to stall the sale of two of their vehicles, Motsatsing said that they are closely working with their lawyer, Isaac Seloko, to correct what he termed “a misunderstanding between them”.
A local newspaper this week advertised the sale of two cars belonging to BONASO.


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