Friday, April 12, 2024

Boon for Gunners as status committee frees Moloi

Lobatse side Extension Gunners got a big boost on Thursday when the Players Status Committee ruled that Kekaetswe ‘Mara’ Moloi was a free agent.

After the ruling, Moloi will now be free to start playing for Gunners where he has been training for some time. The player, who is among the leading goal scorers in the league, suffered a setback when his former team, Mochudi Centre Chiefs refused to release him after he signed for Extension Gunners during the January transfer window. Chiefs’ complaint was that Gunners did not follow the necessary procedures when recruiting him. However, Gunners remained adamant that they did everything according to the book when they recruited Moloi and the matter was referred to the Players Status Committee, which later ruled in favour of Gunners.

The ruling is a relief for Moloi who still has a chance of finishing the league as the leading goal scorer if he works hard and receives all the necessary support at his new team. Mara’s fellow competitors like Lemponye Tshireletso and Moatlhodi Ralesotla have of late been displaying somewhat subdued performances, which gives Moloi a chance to claim the green boot. On the other hand, Gunners have been thin upfront and Moloi will be a welcome addition to its striking force. Moemedi Moatlhaping has been fighting solo upfront with very little support.

Gunners are currently on a revamping exercise that they hope will catapult them to the glory days of yester year when they were a fearsome and unstoppable side. In the early 90’s, Gunners were riding the crest wave of success, winning almost everything on offer and becoming the envy of many. But infighting and petty squabbles dampened the team’s performance and put an end to their successful streak. For more than ten years now, Gunners have been a shadow of their former self as they have been narrowly escaping relegation. Just last year, the team’s supporters got so fed up with management that they staged a coup and roped in an interim executive.


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