Saturday, September 19, 2020

BOTA accredits Event Ventures

The Chief Executive Officer of Botswana Training Authority (BOTA), Abel Modungwa, last week officially handed over a certificate of accreditation to Event Ventures, Botswana’s leading firm in events management.

The accreditation follows Event Ventures’ compliance with the BOTA regulatory requirements. The symbolic event also marked the inaugural launching of Event Ventures.

Event Ventures is the sole distributor of the world renowned Franklin Covey products and services in Botswana, under license from Franklin Covey Southern Africa. The organization offers an internationally acclaimed program known as the ‘The seven habits of highly effective people’.

Modungwa noted that BOTA has confidence in the programs offered by Event Ventures because they have been benchmarked internationally and the programs are tried and tested, bringing about unparalleled outcome. He assured Batswana that Event Ventures is a sound and robust institution with elaborate systems and processes in place to support quality training.

Event Ventures’ success was hailed as a plus for the development of Botswana, especially as the programs offered will be able to complement Government’s efforts to fill the void on productivity and service delivery.

Modungwa added that Event Ventures mission; “driving effectiveness and leadership in Botswana for 2016” underpins the vision 2016 goal of founding a prosperous, productive and innovative nation.

“This is a significant milestone in the annals of this country especially against the backdrop of government and the public concern with regard to service delivery, which leaves much to be desired” he said. Modungwa also encouraged potential employers nationwide to take advantage of this internationally acclaimed program to bring effectiveness and quality leadership into their organizations.

The Ministry of Labor and Home Affairs, in conjunction with BOTA, has developed structured work-based training regulations in accordance with section 31 of the Vocational Training Act. The regulations require, among others, that any learning or training activity conducted at the workplace be structured, assessed and linked to national awards so that it could be recognized and certificated.

Additionally they also require that the learning or training to be planned and agreed with the learner through the signing of a training agreement approved by BOTA .Employers are encouraged to make use of the vocational training fund by enrolling their employees into skills training programs.

For his part, the Managing Director of Event Ventures Adam Vickers encouraged employees to bring their employees for training if they generally want to make a difference in their organizations.
“As an organization we are obsessed with delivering quality service, leading to exceptional leaders and an effective team” he said in conclusion.


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