Thursday, July 18, 2024

“BOTEC Report released in bad faith” – Molefhabangwe

Member of Parliament for Gaborone West South Robert Molefhabangwe says he suspects government released BOTEC report last week in ?bad faith.?

The Botec report is a brainchild of Molefhabangwe?s motion in parliament calling for an enquiry at the government owned Science and Technology Research Centre – BOTEC.

Together with the government White paper, the report was released last week.

Molefhabangwe says the strategy by government is to divert attention.

He says parliament has recently put cabinet ministers on the spotlight with allegations of corruption by cabinet ministers.

?This has made them jittery and overly sensitive,? said Molefhabangwe.

He said ordinarily the Report and Government White Paper would not have come out the same time.
?They are trying to divert attention from themselves,? hence this report.

The Botec Report however confirmed most of the corruption allegations that Molefhabangwe had made in the presentation of his motion to parliament when he called for an enquiry.

?I am happy with the report because 99.9 % of what I said has been confirmed, but the timing of its release makes me suspicious,? he said.

He said he suspects the intention is to divert attention away from cabinet ministers.

Molefhabangwe gave as an example of government and the ruling party?s excessive sensitivity on allegations of corruption, the decision by Deputy Speaker Gladys Kokorwe to kick Nehemiah Modubule from parliament last week.

The Lobatse legislator had told parliament that some of the cabinet ministers are corrupt.

Modubule refused to retract his statement and Kokorwe opted to kick him out.

Recently backbenchers have also attacked cabinet over how the tender for the electrification of 100 villages has been handled, saying ?it smacked of corruption.?


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