Sunday, May 19, 2024

Botswana a Chinese and Russian Mafia haven – UK report

Botswana is in the forefront of international criminal activity of organisations such as the Russian Mafia and the Chinese Triads, a report by United Kingdom based security company has revealed. 

The report by Intelligent Protection International Limited, which is in the form of a travel advisory, purportedly prepared for United States and United Kingdom citizens, states that the above criminal syndicates “are attracted to Botswana due to its natural resources, wildlife and drugs.”

“Zimbabwean, South African and Zambian criminal gangs have also been known to target unsuspecting tourists on isolated roads, however this is very uncommon,” the advisory states. 

The company claimed that: “A small majority of Botswana police have turned to corruption and often do not inform the British High Commission when British nationals have been arrested. It is important that if you are detained by the authorities to insist on your right to contact the British consular office and have access to British lawyer.”

The company further claimed that hijackings and carjackings are on the rise throughout Botswana and as such, movement after dark should be avoided. 

“Avoid displaying signs of affluence whenever possible. This includes wearing nice jewellery or using electronic devices in public, as this can make you a vulnerable target for thieves,” the travel advisory states. 

Touching on other contentious and topical issues, the organisation also advised citizens from the two countries not to drink bottled water while in Botswana. 

“Personal hygiene must be paramount; the local water supply avoided at all costs and bottled water inspected prior to consumption. A number of cases of bottled water being refilled with tap water and re-sold have come to our attention,” states the travel advisory.

The company also claimed that “Homosexuality is illegal in Botswana; lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals living in the country face serious legal issues due to their sexuality (even the death sentence). Both female and male same-sex sexual acts are illegal which has made it an ongoing issue in the international community for some time now.” 

According to the advisory, “there is risk of exposure to Anthrax through the animal population, please do not touch dead animals.”

“Malaria is an issue within the whole of the country; it is a disease that is transmitted by mosquitoes. The use of antimalarial medication is advised, especially for the northern half of Botswana from November to June,” it states. 

The advisory note added: “It is recommended against swimming in fresh water as Schistosomiasis (Bilharzia) can be contracted via a parasite that penetrates human skin when the water is contaminated.”

It says: “There is currently an outbreak of rabies in Ngamiland in north-west Botswana; if you are travelling to this area, consider being vaccinated against the disease.” 

Anthrax has been known to infect animals in the region, do not touch roadkill or other dead animals. If you believe you may have been exposed please contact the nearest medical centre for assistance.

According to its website, Incorporated in England & Wales in 2009 and in France and the Cayman Islands in 2017, Intelligent Protection International Limited provides Close Protection and Specialist Security Services worldwide.

“Intelligent Protection International Limited has offices around the globe in support of our clients’ needs, and are active members of both the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce and the British Swiss Chamber of Commerce,” the company states further. 


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