Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Botswana a soft target for terrorist attacks, says Ex-BDF commander

The Botswana government is ignoring warnings from the Botswana Defence Force command that the country is as soft target for terrorist attacks. The former Botswana Defence Force (BDF) Commander of the ground forces Major General Pius Mokgware told Sunday Standard this week that, “we have long called on the government to look into such issues but government is not treating the matter with the seriousness it deserves.” General Mokgware says much of what is critical to our way of life; water; electricity and petrol are unsecured and easy targets for terrorist attacks.

General Mokgware who is currently a Security Studies and Political Science lecture at the University of Botswana (UB) says Gaborone dam, located close to the populated Tlokweng village, oil reserves located a stones’ throw away from the government enclave, the water purification plants and Morupule power plants are all not strategically placed and are sitting ducks for terrorist attacks which could be targeted to devastating effect since they are located in populated areas. Should a terrorist decide to bomb Gaborone Dam or our strategic oil reserves, the effect on the economy and loss of lives would be staggering. Major General Mokgware says security companies that shoulder the security burden of Botswana’s strategic installations lack the staffing, training or equipment to do the job.

“It is clear that most of the security guards who man these places are not well trained. There are no set out standards by those issuing out security guard licenses. If you go to the Office of the President, you will find that they are working on those standards and only security clearance is done,” he said. “In most cases access to our dams is very easy. You are simply required to produce a permit from Water Utilities Corporation. No search is carried out and any dummy can slip stuff past security and dump it on the water. That on its own is a loophole. Security protocol that regulates access is very weak and wanting.” READ INDEPTH FOR DETAILS


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