Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Botswana could grace international stage with continued growth

The Botswana Cricket Association and Botswana National Sports Council efforts to embark on mini cricket program in Francistown, which will bring cricket to the city at grass root levels, has been recognised by the African Cricket Association and International Cricket Council.

Both cricket bodies showed their support in a letter to show their appreciation of the work being done by BCA and BNSC.

“The ACA-ICC Africa Regional Office would like to extend a hearty congratulations to the Botswana National Sports Council as well as Botswana Cricket Association in launching mini cricket in Francistown,” said ACA CEO Cassim Suliman.

Sullinan noted the efforts made to taking the game to rural areas as a sign that perhaps one day Botswana will grace the international stage.

“As per the ICC’s major policy to drive cricket into the rural areas of its members this project will surely benefit the youth in Francistown and will one day represent Botswana in the International Cricket Arena,” he said, further stating that he hopes to continue with good relations with the BNSC and BCA to help uplift cricket in the country.

“Once again, we take this opportunity in wishing you all the best going forward and may the partnership between BCA and BNSC last long for the benefit of the youth in Botswana,” he added.

This also comes with news of a successful teachers training course in Ramotswa. The BCA embarked on new initiative to bring cricket to more and more parts of Botswana and took it to the children and taught them the basics of the game along with their teachers. Participants were taught different batting stances and techniques along with learning how to field and catch in the field. The participants also learnt a lot on umpiring scenarios by playing a modified game and learnt about wide, no-balls, sixes, fours and how to signal for each result. The participants also learnt about keeping their bowling arms straight during delivery.


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