Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Botswana gets its first Food-ordering App

Restaurants might soon receive less calls for food orders if the new food ordering App, MyFoodness, becomes a hit. The start-up company has to date built traction by bringing local restaurants on board leaving just consumers to jump on the bandwagon.

MyFoodness, a local Mobile Commerce App that makes it easy and convenient for consumers to order and pay for food from any restaurant in Gaborone, either for pick up or delivery through their smartphones, is set to launch on January 26, 2018.

“Our App enables restaurant owners to have their own mobile commerce stores within our platform, without having to pay exorbitant amounts in software development and technical support services. Furthermore, and most importantly, MyFoodness is an additional sales channel which brings in new customers and therefore; extra sales”, said Boi Kgathi Rasmussen, the App’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The App presently has more than 20 restaurants signed up in its platform and expects to draw in a wider variety of restaurants for consumers to choose from going forward. The restaurants already signed as well as those that will do so prior the launch date have the first mover advantage as the their subscription to the platform is free. However post the launch date interested restaurants will pay a joining fee. Additionally, the first two months on the platform the restaurants will not pay for being on it.

The options available to consumers in using the MyFoodness App is to either have the food delivered or picked up at the restaurant. The food ordered will be paid at menu price but the inclusion of delivery will attract a fee. According to Rasmussen the App is location-based which means that it picks up the location from which the customer is making an order. If the customer wants the food delivered the App will select the nearest location of the respective restaurant ordered from but should the customer prefer a particular location the option is also available. The App calculates the distance and based on it a transport fee will be derived. MyFoodness App seeks collaboration with other service providers and has so far partnered with King Delivery to boost capacity on deliveries.

“We are focused on improving customer service and exploring innovative solutions. Collaborating with MyFoodness was a no-brainer for us. We are serious business people and so are they. We know our stuff; they know their stuff. It really was an easy decision to make on our side and we are excited for the future and so are our customers,” said Peter Joseph of King Delivery.   

Though starting up MyFoodness already has a team of 10 people and is looking to make 10 additional hires before the launch. Rasmussen self financed the App but soon attracted seed capital from investors making the company a fully fledged unit ready to hit the ground running. The prowess she demonstrated in her work and the years of building a network among other things enabled tapping into seed capital which many start-ups fail to attract. Rasmussen expressed confidence in the MyFoodness team, citing it as another reason that drew in investors.


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