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Botswana is not a Monarchy: Notes for Ian & BaGaMmangwato

“I am really shocked o dira motho President and he turns against you”

“O bata go re twaela,” said Khama accusing President Mokgweetsi Masisi of sabotage at one of the recent political rallies he addressed in Serowe to Bangwato and BaGaMmangwato

At the May 25th 2019, political rally Kgosi Kgolo Khama IV finally dropped a bomb shell by telling his followers that he was resigning from BDP.

‘I came here to tell you that I am cutting ties with the BDP as I do not recognize this party anymore. It was a mistake to choose Masisi as my successor. I will now work with the opposition to make sure that the BDP loses power in October,” Khama said.

“Karata e ya Domkrag nna ke a e latlha”.

As he did that many of his tribesmen followed suit by throwing away their BDP membership cards in solidarity with Kgosi Kgolo.  At that political rally Kgosi Khama IV did not behave and conduct himself like a King ÔÇô Mmabatho.  His mannerisms as well as that of other speakers resembled one that is often seen at a Taxi rank. 

What was evident at these Serowe political rallies is that as ethnic bigotry and diatribe was being tolerated and promoted.. No one amongst the elders at these political rallies stood up to call the speakers to order. 

The video clips of the said Serowe political rallies showed by different media houses bears testimony.   

Setswana society expects and requires its members to have “botho” which is derived from “Motho” (a human being). Botho refers to the possession of the good attributes associated with a good human being.   Botho describes a latent consciousness that one’s own sense of humanity is deeply rooted in the humanity of others in the community, whom we traditionally considered our extended family.

Khama’s critics have always pointed out to the fact that he is a self-centered jug-head, a megalomaniac who thinks of only himself and has no respect for any one including his subjects let alone bo-Rangwane a Kgosi in Serowe.  Some of his followers are just seen as blind followers and are not able to read his motives and agenda. His running to SA media to speak evil of the country and the current President clearly demonstrates that he is lacking in “botho”.

In 2010, Khama solely contributed to the formation of BMD.  In addressing the BDP political rally at “Diswkinking” Freedom Square on the 21st May 2010, after the formation of BMD, Khama could not contain his anger. He indulged in scornful, un-fatherly vicious attack on “Barata Phathi.”  He   chastised his then political enemies BMD and stated that they were individuals driven only by self interest and position seeking. He went on rampage and stated that BMD is an acronym for ‘Barata Maemo Disease’, much to a round of applause from his fan club (See Thabo Lucas Seleke 6th June 2010, Sunday Standard).

It is clear that Kgosi Kgolo Khama IV is using the ethnic card to undermine the incumbent President which could be a recipe for disaster. He behaves as if Botswana belongs to Bangwato and is his personal fiefdom. He thinks his father made Botswana what it is.  He probably must have read history books upside down side down,  for this is just a wishful thinking. This does not come as a surprise, his limitations are an open secret.

In his recent telephone interview with a French News Agency (AFP),  Khama is quoted as having said that he  had to quit the ruling BDP because of  the immaturity and arrogance of the current leadership of the party. He resorted to LYING, instead of telling the truth.

What Khama and BagaMmaangwato must know is that historical records and documents clearly show that long before Khama returned to Botswana to form the BDP with his counterparts all other major tribes including Ghanzi, Chobe and Francistown participated in the African Advisory Council (ADC) which looked into the development of Bechuanaland. 

The minutes of the 13th session of the Bechuanaland Protectorate African Council held at Mafikeng 21-29th April 1949 show that while Seretse Khama was enjoying the luxuries of England many Tswana Chiefs and others actively participated in the building and development of Bechuanaland.

Bakgatla, Bakwena, Bangwaketse, Bamalete, Batlokwa, Barolong, Francistown, Kgalagadi and Bamangwato participated at these meetings. Kgosi Tshekedi Khama was, accompanied by Councilors G.D. Marobela, G.S. Mosinyi, O.Ntsaga, P.Kgwatalala, B.Mooketsi, M. Pule and M. Menwe, Sub Chief Bakwadi Habangana and Councilor K. Ramokate. Headmen Moapare Mosiiwa and Titus Mathys (

Minutes of the African Development Council meeting held in November 1955, shows that all the tribes who attended the 1949 meeting participated at this meeting except that only Tshekedi Khama from Serowe attended. He was not accompanied by the sub-chiefs from BaGaMmangwato. The main agenda item was to show support and solidarity by all these various Tswana ethnic groupings for Seretse to return home.

It was on the basis of the absence of BagaMangwato at that meeting that one Mr. Fenner Brockway asked the Under-Secretary of State for Commonwealth Relations on what grounds headmen and sub-chiefs at Bokalaka, Mahalapye, Palapye, Sefhare, Mookane, Letlhakane, Tonota, Gweta, Bobonong, Mmadinare and Mosu, in Bechuanaland, have been deposed since Seretse Khama was exiled from the Protectorate, (Hansard Deb 3, November 1955, Vol 545 cc1179-81).

The response to Brockway from one Mr Hale was “ If the hon. Gentleman does not know now what chiefs have been deposed because information has not arrived at the Commonwealth Office, how does he know that none have, and why did he say last week that none had been deposed?”

In calling his subjects and sub-tribes to his recent political rallies in Serowe, Khama relied on history.  He has in him colonial mentality, some superiority complex over other tribes that fall within the Bangwato geographical landscape. He still thinks the same way as Mr Brockway. It is unfortunate that even after 52 years of independence this colonial set up and mentality still prevails. It is unfortunate that even the opposition sees nothing wrong with it and can just enter   into an intimate relationship with a colonial mafia monk. The very same opposition that has been calling for the students to be taught in their mother tongue. They are the very ones promoting colonial mentality just for a short term gain.

As to whether Ian Khama is interested about being Kgosi Kgolo of Bangwato le meratshwana ya Bangwato the answer is a straight forward NO. Bangwato and BagaMmangwato must stop being in denial  He is not interested and will never serve as their King, but in his mind thinks he will serve them better as the life time President of the Republic of Botswana.

It is also very important for Ian and Bangwato to note that despite the undertaking that was made by Seretse in the 1950s that they were abdicating chieftaincy of Bangwato for themselves and their children, different Tswana tribes participated and negotiated for Seretse’s return from his exile (Hansard Deb3, November 1955, Vol 545 cc 1179-81).

It is therefore very disrespectful for Ian and Bangwato to think that Seretse alone made Botswana what it is. The road to Botswana’s independence can be traced to the early 1960’s with the passing of Bechuanaland Protectorate Constitution orders of 1961, 1963 and the Bechuanaland Royal Institutions 1963. The 1961 constitution was announced through white paper on 15th September 1960. The 1963 draft constitution became the basis for the 1965 general elections. After the elections the task negotiating the constitution leading to independence fell on the parties representing the Legislative Assembly, the Dikgosi and the European and Asian representation.

Sir Ketumile Masire can also be credited as one of the architects of the republic of Botswana as well as opposition politicians Motsamai, Mpho and Dikgosi from the eight major tribes as well as others also who played a major dominant role in the making of Botswana. Although Philip Matante objected to the adoption of the Constitution credit must also be given to him.

Khama must be called to order for disrespecting Botswana and Batswana. It is just an illusion to think that his father made Botswana, what it is. Botswana is not a monarch. He must choose between politics or Bogosi.  Gape BDP GA YA THAELWA KWA Serowe. Ke maaka a matala.

It will be interesting if the opposition in Kgatleng East and Kgatleng West will invite Ian Khama to launch them in Kgatleng and Mochudi. Go ka nkga thaere!!!

I am just wondering as to what Moagi Bright Molebatsi has resorted to using since Khama has indicated he will work closely with UDC, the very same Khama who made the Bakgatla ba Kgafela King to walk on a political tight rope.


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