Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Botswana Life CEO gets the nod for high-profile awards

Botswana Life Insurance Limited Chief Executive Officer, Catherine Lesetedi-Letegele, has been selected as one of the finalists for the 2014 Most Influential Women (WIM) in business and government awards.

On Friday, in an interview with Sunday Standard, Lesetedi-Letegele said being nominated for the WIM is huge for her mostly because it was unexpected. She added it was not a competition for everybody to enter.

She said there was a semi finalist list with a lot of deserving women, adding that she feels honoured and privileged that she has made so far. She pointed out that in terms of opportunities, the nomination gives her a platform where as a woman she can actually hopefully inspire other women to raise to be best that they can be.

She added that it also gives her a plat form to advance some of her passions such as creating awareness around cancer and other carrier opportunities.

“It is always difficult to be your judge and I have been in my role close four years now as the CEO of Botswana Life. When I took over it was during the time of economic crisis,” she said.

She is of the view that there are a lot of changes at Botswana Life which has been focusing the business to ensure the company does well recovering from the economic crisis.

She added that Botswana Life has become more innovative as a business. She noted that traditionally the insurance company in general turn to be conservative in approach to things.

“These kind of award a very encouraging for women both in Botswana and elsewhere in Africa mainly because when you look at executive positions, there are few women in most instances. By having these awards it is an inspiration to those women who might want to go for such positions,” said Lesetedi-Letegele.

She highlighted that under her leadership, she has been able to grow the policy holder asserts, as well as shareholder equity significantly evidenced by the launch of the new products, and the life rewards card.

The Botswana Life CEO spoke of the significant milestone she has made and stated that when she took over in 2010 shareholder equity stood at P923 million and currently at the end of 2013 P1. 39 billion, policy holder asserts are almost doubling from P3.9 billion to P6.8 billion.

“I am the president of the Insurance Council Botswana and it is one of my achievements in the industry. We want to attain self regulatory status. It is humbling that I have been nominated as a finalist,” she said.

She also noted that as a woman in business she tries to do her best professionally as well as outside of the work environment. She said she has done work with the Cancer Association of Botswana in 2011 where she raised some funds, as well as at Journey of Hope.

She is of the view the awards are not about being a CEO, and added that they are about what one personally does individually by way of social responsibility. She encouraged women leaders to understand the challenges that affect women in leadership positions and use the same platform to reach out to other women as well as the marginalised communities.

MIW programme is designed to uplift and recognise women across the African continent, providing a platform they can use to celebrate their achievements, while paying tribute to women who are consistently exercising a positive influence on the continent.


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