Friday, August 12, 2022

Botswana Life holds annual Paypoint Seminar

As more and more people become aware of the advantages of maintaining their Life Insurance policies, employers have been approached with the view to assist their employees to facilitate a more convenient way of servicing their policies through deduction at source.

However, due to the number of policyholders whose premiums have to be deducted manually, employers have been finding the current manual method of deduction to be cumbersome and subject to human error.

As part of their drive to maintain relationships with their customers Botswana Life Insurance Limited (BLIL) this week embarked on their annual Paypoint seminar whose aims was to strengthen the communication between themselves and the Paypoint. BLIL has seen it fit to improve the collection of policyholder?s premiums. As a result of this, BLIL have proposed that as a paypoint, the customers should consider converting from manual collection to electronic collection.

The Assistant General Manager for BLIL Business Support, Linah Sekwababe, stated that this method is going to be open to any organization with a computerized payroll. She emphasized that the reasons for converting to electronic collection is to maintain accuarancy of data, to reduce manual processing as well as utilizing available technology.

?At BLIL we sell a promise to our clients. Promises that we would very much like to achieve, like improving customer satisfaction and minimising Ombudsman complaints. As a result we always receive more referrals and more customers,? added Sekwababe.

Though this is going to create some risk, especially information leakage and loss of data, Sekwababe pointed out that there are ways of mitigating these risks. She said BLIL will encrypt the files so that they are not decipherable to unauthorized eyes, and also scan them for viruses before loading them into the system. ?We also promise to replace the files with backup copies in the event of data loss,? she added.

Addressing the participants, renowned International Motivational Speaker, Dr David Molapo, said the theme for this year, which is ?Reaching the Optimum?, is not an easy thing. ?This means that BLIL should excel, surpass and stretch to the top. They cannot reach an optimum without achieving. Therefore, there is a need for partnership. BLIL must work together with its customers,? said Molapo, adding that it is only the power of unity that can make people win.

He urged BLIL to think positively and creatively because whatever they decided ended up affecting the customers either positively or negatively. He stressed their decisions would always determine their destiny. Molapo encouraged BLIL to strive for the best quality as quality is an attitude of ownership.

For BLIL to reach the optimum, they are going to encounter some problems on the way. He encouraged them to be determined so as to be able to handle their worries. Even after reaching optimum, he said life is not going to be a bed of roses. ?Business doesn?t mean effectiveness, therefore, as you ride on this road, hold on to each other and never give up,? said Molapo.

Life between BLIL and paypoint, he said, is like a puzzle therefore we should all try to solve it.


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