Thursday, November 30, 2023

Botswana music goes on Africa’s biggest platforms

Publisher and renowned app developer Itumeleng Garebatshabe has secured landmark deals to get local music on the continental space.  

The deals, which include supplying content to MTN and Vodacom, will draw some needed attention to homegrown music and the musical talent we have in the country, he says.

“We will be supplying content just as we did with the likes of Nokia via their OVI store. What this means is that we can now have music from our publishing division ‘Intellegere Media’ on MTN just as we currently have on Vodacom,” he explains. 

Looking to create opportunities that local artists can tap into, Garebatshabe says Intellegere Media artists will directly benefit by reaching new markets. “We want to give artists an opportunity to expand their footprint to other markets, especially the South African ringtone market which can be quite lucrative. 

“We are also looking at forging new relationships for them in these new markets that can benefit them.”

Intellegere Media is also the hand behind local rapper Dramaboi’s recent achievement, which will see his music being play-listed on South African soapie, Rhythm City.

 “We will be supplying all genres of music, and so far we have Township Music 2 live on the system. In a week or so we will have other artists’ music up that publish through our company.”

“Africans from countries such as South Africa, Zambia, Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria, Ghana, Congo Brazzaville, Cameroon and Ivory Coast will have access to the music,” 

Garebatshabe says, adding that this means that artists need to have solid strategies to digitise their music as opportunities are boundless. 

“Since we are gearing up to release the long anticipated BWMADE music app, artists who subscribe to the service might get an opportunity to also have their music on these platforms as part of the packages which will be on offer. 

“Musicians need to understand the value of registering their works with the right associations to create commercial opportunities for themselves,” says the publisher.


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