Sunday, December 3, 2023

Botswana refutes refugees’ torture claims

Botswana┬áhas disputed refugees’ claims in Dukwi camp that security agents were ill-treating and torturing them for voicing out their concern.

In a letter, the refugees in Dukwi camp allege that they were ill-treated and abused by security agents such as the police and members of Directorate of Intelligence Service when they complained about disconnections of water at the camp. 
The refugees indicated in their letter that the treatment of Botswana government against the refugees was a gross violation of human rights.

They also threatened to report the Botswana government to United Nations at Geneva for the ill-treatment.  

They allege that one of the refugees was tortured by DIS agents, claims that the government has denied.

In an interview the Minister of Defence Justice and Security, Ramadeluka Seretse, disputed claims that the security agents were abusing and torturing the refugees.

“Are they also out to tarnish DIS. Do they even know what DIS do. We┬á don’t torture people,” said Seretse.

However Seretse indicated that the water situation at Dukwi camp has since been resolved after refugees went for weeks without water.

The refugees claimed that they were forced to drink their urine after Water Utilities Corporation disconnected water at the camp because of the outstanding bills.

  Seretse said that the disconnections were a result of some miscommunication between United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees  and government over the payment of the bills.

He said that the Water Utilities had to disconnect water at the camp because the corporation was owed a lot of money.


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