Monday, January 30, 2023

Botswana should brace for a Trump- Comeysque row, warns Mokgware

America is chocking in the poisonous air of President Donald Trump’s rivalry with his fired former FBI boss James Comey, and the questions on most people’s list is , “can it happen in Botswana?”

Member of Parliament for Gabane /Mmankgodi Pius Mokgware says it cannot not only happen in Botswana, but is also very likely and worse.  Mokgware warned President Mokgweetsi Masisi to tread carefully when cleaning up the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DIS) as there is a danger of aggrieved spies regrouping to compromise Botswana’s security.

The former Botswana Defence Force army general said the president should not treat lightly recent “reckless utterances which were made by former DIS Director Isaac Kgosi after resigning especially where he insinuated that the newly appointed DIS boss Peter Magosi was the one of the intelligence officers who was involved in the killing of John Kalafatis.”

In what appeared as a propaganda offensive against the new DIS leadership, Kgosi deliberately distorted the facts around the Kalafatis operation in order to malign Brig Magosi. At the time of the operation Magosi was head of the Military Intelligence. The operation was headed by the DIS using members of the military intelligence.

Kgosi further lied that Dzikamani Mothobi who is believed to be Magosi’s prot├®g├®e was pardoned by President Khama after being convicted by the courts. Mothobi was acquitted by the court and cleared of any wrong doing.

Mokgware has warned that like any aggrieved former intelligence officer  “Kgosi and his close associates who have been dismissed from service unceremoniously  can be a threat to the stability of Botswana. He said the officers can regroup and breech Botswana’s security.

“These are the people who have our secrets including our former presidents and even Masisi himself. Should the fired intelligence officers become unhappy there is a possibility of re-grouping and possibly expose the nation’s security,” said Mokgware. He added that “although they have taken Oath during their days as security agents, they can disregard the Security intelligence Act which restricts them from exposing confidential information to third parties and just expose it. These security agents are very dangerous. It’s too early to tell what Kgosi’s next move will be. Let us wait for six months or so and if he is still unhappy then anything can be expected.”

Mokgware said Kgosi is not a security threat because he has resigned from his work but if the current government continues to make him unhappy, then the nation should be worried, because he can expose secrets which can harm some of the people who are in authority.

“He can do just like the FBI boss who was sacked by President Trump. We all know that he then exposed some secrets on how the campaign byTrump were conducted,” said Mokgware.

“If the FBI boss can expose US secrets, then as Botswana we should expect the same from Kgosi. This is a man who was trusted with government information and if he can recklessly say what he said about the newly DISS boss (Magosi) then the nation should watch him closely.


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