Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Botswana supports France revenge attacks

By Calistus Bosaletswe  


Botswana is of the view that France is right in its decision to launch airstrikes against Islamic States strongholds in Syria and Iraq.

Masisi stated at the sidelines of a Memorial ceremony for French nationals who died during the terrorist attacks last week  in Paris.

In an interview, Vice President, Mokgweetsi Masisi condemned the terror attacks that left  130 people dead.

Masisi said the attack that left multitudes injured and dead  has been a cowardly attack  by the terrorists.

He said Botswana sympathises with the families and those who lost their lives during the attacks.

Masisi also stated that it was reasonable for France to launch air strikes on  Islamic State’s stronghold in Syria since the country was provoked.

“When  provoked, when your people are maimed it is only logical for a country to go after those who inflicted aggression against its citizenry,”said Masisi.

Masisi further stated that it was logical that  France took a decision to  launch air strike in Syria targeting terrorists who attacked France.

He further stated that if anyone inflicts aggression on Botswana it is logical to go after them.  Masisi went further to condemn the coordinated attacks arguing that they will continue to condemn such acts.

He said that Botswana has always stood on  the side of freedom and liberty.  

“If anybody  is in doubt they can cast their memories back. We condemned South African government during the apartheid  era when Botswana was still poor. We told them in their face that we were wrong to practice apartheid,” added Masisi.

France Ambassador, Anne de La Blanche stated that Botswana is not spared from terrorism attacks .

De la Blanche stated in an interview that though Botswana is a peaceful country it does not mean that everyone has peaceful intentions for  the country.

De la Blanche stated during the memorial ceremony for France nationals who were attacked in Paris by terrorist that terrorist  attacks was target peaceful countries.

 She stated that there are no longer safe havens anymore worldwide adding that this is an active war.

Blanche further stated that at the beginning of the year ten countries had been attacked. Blanche stated that those who attacked should not claim that they were acting on behalf of God. She  said that the Muslim and Christian societies in Botswana have condemned the attacks. She said that no one can claim that the attacks were associated with any religion.

She  said that though the terrorists claim that they were Muslims it was not true. Blanche  said that the Muslim community are peaceful community.  The Muslim community in Botswana who were present at the memorial service also distanced themselves from the terror attacks in France.


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