Monday, May 27, 2024

Botswana TEP fails to promote equitable access to tertiary education

Botswana Tertiary Education Council (TEC) is drawing up a program which is expected to augment this country’s policy in higher education, following a study which has shown that many potential Batswana are still facing difficulties in accessing tertiary education.

This is according to TEC Executive Secretary, Patrick Molutsi, who indicated that the study, which was conducted by University Of Botswana recently and yet to be published, has found that Botswana Tertiary Education Policy (TEP) is not sufficient on issues of equitable access to tertiary education.

TEP was in 2008 approved by government and was expected to, among other objectives, establish equitable access to tertiary education system.

Though Molutsi could not provide figures as TEC is in the process of editing the study report, he confirmed that the research has proved that TEP cannot promote equitable access to tertiary education, as the majority of potential rural population and the disabled cannot advance to tertiary institutions like the rest of the population.

“Though there is an improvement in the number of women who can access tertiary education, most of them cannot go up to higher levels like their male counterparts,” he said.

He indicated that in response to the findings, TEC is already formulating a program which is expected to promote tertiary education access for the disabled and minority groups in the country.

Molutsi said they are anticipating that the program will be ready for implementation by January next year. He said their hope is that government will approve and support the program, though there are issues of limited financial and human resources. However, Molutsi said the program will be challenged to advance its objectives if the targeted groups do not perform well to be admitted to tertiary education.

He said as government is still lagging behind in developing education programs which target minority groups and the disabled groups at levels, government is also drawing up a similar program for primary and secondary education.

The Chairman of Botswana Education Research Analysis, (BERA) Nkobi Pansiri said government should go beyond the use of policies to develop education in the country by enforcing laws which makes it compulsory for all groups to access education at all levels.


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