Saturday, April 13, 2024

BotswanaPost flaxes out new tech idea

As there are plenty of strategies and tools for HYPERLINK “” \o “38 Tools for Getting More Ideas: An Idea Generation #Bufferchat Recap”getting new ideas, fleshing out existing ideas and evolving good ones, BotswanaPost has introduced a channel which will enables customers to renew their vehicle licenses or postal box rentals from their home or office.

The “Teleservices” will rate its products and services to the customer with openness.

“Teleservices is a welcome solution for the customer as it allows one to remain complainant without the added frustrations of time spent while queuing to renew both vehicle licences and postal boxes as things are done remotely and electronically,” says Marketing and Communications General Manager Joyce Manase-Ntau.

Manase-Ntau says that the documents that one needs for this service either by call or email are: vehicle licence renewal, vehicle registration number, full names of vehicle owner, customer ID and cellphone number.

Teleservices customers are required to have an effective email address and all payments will be done electronically.

For customers within Gaborone, the registration licence can either be delivered at a fee or collected from their postal box. Customers outside Gaborone will collect theirs from their postal box.

In Gaborone and Phakalane areas, for same day delivery for requests made between 7.30am the charge will be P50.

With the new channel BotswanaPost has bought this year, services would be sorted much quicker than when it was done while people were on queue. In 2011 BotswanaPost adopted a strategy called ‘Icon of Excellence’, to run for a period of five years up to March 2016, with an aim to drive the diversification and transformation.

“We are determined to re-engineer all mission critical processes across our business operations to ensure improved and efficient service delivery that will result in high performance,” said Chairman of Board of Directors Polokoetsile Motau.


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