Sunday, November 27, 2022

BotswanaPost to shed two-thirds of staff under new strategic plan

About two thirds of BotswanaPost staff have applied for voluntary exit package, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Pele Moleta, said.

Moleta said some employees would leave because they would not fit in the new strategic direction of the parastatal.

Briefing the media, Moleta said some of those who have applied will however be turned down. “When that happens, please do not think we are inhuman,” he said.

The BotswanaPost the ‘rationalisation exercise’ is in accordance with section 25 of the Employment Act, which gives an employer the power to terminate the contract of employment for the purpose of reducing the size of his workforce.

Moleta said under the new strategic plan, BotswanaPost has undertaken to be a P500 million company. This milestone is set to be achieved in 2014, which makes it look very ambitious when put beside the fact that the company turnover currently stands at just about P300 million.

Meanwhile, the POSO House refurbishment is now complete with the handover by the contractor to Botswana Post due before year end.

The move to refurbish the building is expected to help generate more income by leasing out office space. The building has never undergone a planned maintenance since it was built in 1989.

“We have excess space of five floors, which we are going to lease to generate revenue,” he said.┬á
In another development, completion of new spacious post offices in Gaborone at Rail Park Mall and Poso House to accommodate the growing needs of business and customers is expected to unlock revenue potential for the post office.

Construction and refurbishment of Gumare, Letlhakeng and Hukuntsi post offices is underway. Moleta however said that Botswana post is still faced with financial constraints to fund its projects.


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