Saturday, June 15, 2024

Botswana’s DITEC sets eyes on new African markets 

A wholly citizen owned company that designs, customises and manufactures mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers, tablets and internet routers DITEC is on the verge of setting up in Zimbabwe and Nigeria.

DITEC which has already penetrated other African markets including Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania, DRC, Ghana, Zambia and Namibia has over the years experienced growth in sales in those countries. This has motivated the local company to diversify its portfolio by producing more electronic products in other African markets.

Founder and Head of DITEC Thatayaone Dichaba said as an aspiring pan-African company it has proven that the company desires to spread across the African continent adding that it was evident when the company made its first breakthrough in Uganda 10 years ago.

Dichaba highlighted that they have been working on establishing strategic partnerships with various companies across the continent adding that this has continued to bear fruits as evidenced by the growing interest on the African market.

“We are just about to export some of our devices to Zimbabwe but we are looking at Nigeria in particular to an extent that we are working around setting up another facility in Nigeria most likely first quarter next year. We are also trying by all means to see how best we can work with strategic partners on the continent,” he said.

“The biggest challenge with our business is that this is a capital intensive venture because manufacturing is not an easy thing to do. This is a new brand and we had to create demand for the product which took most of the time but we are slowly but surely penetrating the market. There is strong belief that our products will eventually dominate the African markets because we have a hard working team and everyone involved in the venture is showing commitment,” said Dichaba.

Dichaba stated that despite the existence of established brands in the market, he has no fear that DITEC will survive the test of time.

“The difference between our brand and other brands on the markets is in the name and you will find that we are equally the same. We are all running windows operating hardwares but in terms of being competitive enough in classification I think we have done well but the only thing we are working on currently is market acceptance,” stated Dichaba.

He said his plans are to continue assessing more markets before taking any decision to invest further.


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