Saturday, June 15, 2024

Bouncy is all about Hip Hop, dancehall and twerking

She is young, vivacious and controversial. She is a woman in an industry that is dominated by men and generally seems to be demeaning to women, especially with regards to the lyrics of some rap songs. But this has not fazed female rapper Bouncy, real name Maureen Maila. She is proving to be a force to reckon with in the male dominated local Hip Hop industry.

In her latest offering “I am a Monster” the Gabane born rapper presents a version of her sexuality and breaks all musical barriers. Bouncy is not fixated on gender politics and campaigns for women’s rights. She is simply a rapper with a difference, a woman who is making a mark in a male dominated industry without making any reference to the fact that she is a woman. She said her album is a declaration that being female does not mean being submissive.

“My album is not about submissive feminity. I am a proud woman but that doesn’t mean I have to be submissive, timid and weak. Not in this industry. As women we are strong and sexy. We are powerful, ambitious and driven. That is what my album is all about,” she said.

Bouncy is a confident and liberal musician who portrays the sexuality in her music with her provocative dance moves and outfits. She believes sex sells and she is not ashamed to put on some really raunchy dance moves to portray her art. She did this twice in the conservative Btv, in Flava Dome and Morning Live. Her two performances earned her mixed reactions on social media, but Bouncy didn’t care, she had made her statement and garnered a response. Many believe she is a great twerker. Twerking is a sexual provocative dance move that involves thrusting hip movements and low squats. It will be fair to compare Bouncy with US singer Ciara, who is also famous for her provocative dance moves. And her twerking has worked for Bouncy because she is one of the most sought after artists in Botswana. Her music is a mixture of Hip Hop and raga and her album caters for those who love to dance with its high tempo dancehall beats.

“Watch out for the video because it is going to be massive, crazy and extreme. You see I take my art seriously,” she said.


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