Friday, April 16, 2021

Boxer Sloca heads for well paying ranks in SA

More professional local boxers are heading for the high paying ranks in South Africa. The latest to follow suit is Dintwa Sloca.

It all started with Kgotla Baeti who made headlines in the South African media. Baeti is renowned for his technical knockouts which have surprised many boxing followers in South Africa. Baeti was then followed by Lesley Sekotswe who has since won all his two fights convincingly since moving there.
Information reaching Sunday Standard is that another boxer, Sloca, will soon be joining the Nick Durandt stable where Baeti and Sekotswe are based. Sloca is reported to have impressed Durandt in several of the bouts he engaged in. Local promoter, Thuso Khubamang, is the one reportedly facilitating the move for Sloca. Khubamang told Sunday Standard that it is only a matter of time before Sloca moves. He said he has the potential to make it in the high paying professional ranks.

“Almost all our professional boxers can make it in South Africa. It is just that there is nobody to market them outside the country. I can confirm to you that Sloca will soon be joining Durandt and I am hopeful he can make it. Remember that before Sloca turned professional, he was outstanding in the amateur ranks. Sloca has not lost a single fight in his four professional bouts,” he said.
Khubamang, who also once had a stint at the Durandt stable, expressed the hope that Sloca would also be motivated by the fact that already two local boxers based there have already made their mark.

Sloca, on the other hand, has confirmed to The Sunday Standard that he will soon be moving to South Africa. He said he had already spoken to Durandt and is yet to just finalise certain things.
“I will soon be leaving for South Africa this month and my intention is to make a living there and gain invaluable experience. Once everything goes well, I don’t see myself coming home sooner. But once there, I will try hard to make our country proud like Baeti and Sekotswe have done,” Sloca said.
He added that he is not abandoning local professional boxing but wants to go to established countries so that in future they plough something back into Botswana.

While in the amateur ranks Sloca won everything which a local boxer would aspire to. He was instrumental, especially in the Zone VI tournaments and in major international ones such as the African championships.

Sloca was also one of the first four local boxers to turn professional in 2005. He turned professional at the same time as Seroba Binda, Moses Kamera together with Sekotswe.
Binda will then be left with only Kamera on the local scene.

At their first professional tournament, all the local boxers won their bouts except Kamera who was knocked out by Sloca himself. Local professional boxers have been inactive because there have not been many professional tournaments in Botswana. The problem is mainly that there is no professional body in Botswana that deals directly with professional boxing matters. Any local organised tournament has to go through South Africa first, something local promoters say is demanding and time consuming.


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