Sunday, December 3, 2023

BPC Chief Operations Officer remains suspended 6 months later

Mystery still surrounds the reason why Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) Chief Operations Officer, Jonathan Hussein was suspended from work early this year. Although the details are still a bit sketchy, this publication is reliably informed that Hussein has been on suspension since early this year and is being charged with at least six counts that include  conflict of interest of a certain multi million tender just to mention a few.

It is reported that the suspended officer appeared before the disciplinary board recently in which he was allegedly cleared of all six charges. Although he has been cleared, unconfirmed reports suggest that BPC is considering pressing another charge that may ultimately lead to his dismissal from his position.

It is reported that the BPC has neither reported the matter to the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) nor to the police.

However Botswana Power Corporation Workers Union accuses the corporation for not providing the union with detailed information surrounding the suspension. Responding to this publication’s inquiry, BPC spokesperson Dineo Seleke was reluctant to comment.

 “BPC is not providing any detail about the suspension as the disciplinary process is ongoing,” she said. She also said there is risk of corruption whenever they are dealing with projects.

She stated that BPC has implemented a very strict procurement policy which is very closely monitored by the Internal Audit. She added that the organisation has established an independent whistle blower hotline, where people can report fraud.

 Secretary General of Botswana Power Corporation Workers Union Boikanyo Tsumake said the union was formally informed about his suspension. He however said though they were informed, BPC could not provide details regarding the suspension, adding that the matter is being handled by BPC board.

Meanwhile when contacted for comment  Hussein was reluctant to comment about his suspension. “My position does not allow me speak to the media therefore I refer you to my employer who is better placed to respond to your queries”.


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