Sunday, June 23, 2024

BPL employees futures ‘up in the air’

A sense of trepidation is gripping the Botswana Premier League (BPL) employees as the organisation is yet to make a decision over their future.

According to sources, the BPL employees’ contracts will come to an end at the end of this month and no concrete decision about their future has been taken yet.

Sunday Standard has established that the majority of the employees’ contracts were extended by 12 months last year when they ended, with expectations of long term contractual agreements.

With just a few weeks before contractual terms elapse, it has been brought to the attention of Sunday Standard that BPL top brass remains mum on the future of the employees. The impending lapse of contracts and the silence of the BPL top brass is said to be a constant source of bother for the worried employees.

Insiders revealed to this publication that the state of affairs within the BPL corridors has been polluted with viciousness from some employees in their efforts to gain advantage ahead of others in search for contracts extension.

While the mess allegedly brews lack of trust among employees, there is already fear that the environment is likely to destabilise working relations at the premier league office.

With a constant talk of impending restructuring exercise at the BPL and some recruitment already processed a few months ago, the apprehension over contract extensions is said to be catching up with employees seeking to understand their future.

‘’It is a sad reality that employees at the BPL remain in the dark about their future as contracts are coming to an end this month. While the top brass is mum, employees shy away from confronting their seniors for fear of victimization. There is lack of trust and team work is fading at the BPL office due to frustrations regarding the suspense in their contracts extensions,” insiders told Sunday Standard.

Reached for comment, BPL Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Thabo ‘Styles’ Ntshinogang downplayed the matter narrating that they will resolve the matter very soon. He told Sunday Standard that he met with his staff this week and cannot reveal content of the meeting.

“I had a meeting with staff with concerns to their contracts but I cannot disclose our discussions. We will communicate everything after the final decisions have been made,” said Ntshinogang.

He said that nothing concrete has been taken on the matter as they are still on their right as contracts have not elapsed yet.

“We will conclude the matter shortly and we will have to reveal to the employees first on their verdict before communicating publicly, so it is just a matter of time before the matter comes to rest,” Ntshinogang said.


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