Monday, September 25, 2023

BPOPF charts way forward for its members

The country’s multi-billion Pula pension fund, Botswana Public Officers Pension Fund (BPOPF) says its recent implementation of their strategy to in-source the fund administration mandate precipitated the need to restructure the organisation. 

BPOPF Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Boitumelo Molefe said the fund’s recent changes had their own set of challenges, adding that they had addressed as thoroughly and timeously as possible. She added they continued to streamline their processes to optimise their ability to deliver on their mandate.

Speaking on Friday at the fund’s logo rebranding launch, Molefe stated that as they move into a new and exciting phase in the life of the Fund, they saw it fitting to create an identity that speaks to the strategic direction that the BPOPF is moving into. 

The added that rebranding is so much more than changing a logo. She said the process of rebranding takes into consideration the entire organisation and the way it is experienced by its members and stakeholders. 

Molefe further said they had a long look at who they are as an organisation, and what they stood for. She is of the view that the previous logo has served them well, and illustrated BPOPF’s role in the lives of the members. She stated that the new logo illustrates their renewed commitment to the stakeholders and members

“The commitment and perseverance during this time has been instrumental to the Fund’s successful implementation of the new mandate. Now, more than ever, we are actively working towards driving better value for our members,” said Molefe.

She said fund members should expect the transparency, trustworthiness and desire for financial stability going forward, with a renewed passion and strategic direction for their benefit, and for that of the shareholders.

“We are in the process of ensuring that our data integrity is of a high quality, so that all our pensioners continue to have a dignified post career life, and so that we deliver efficient fund administration services to our members,” said Molefe.

Permanent Secretary to the President (PSP) and Chairman of BPOPF Board of Directors Carter Morupisi said it was absolutely pleasing to note that the Fund had lived up to its commitment and grown incredibly; contributing immensely to the lives of its members.  

Morupisi stated that today’s highly competitive world dictates that organisations such as BPOPF position themselves strategically and make innovation a huge aspect of their business, if they are to retain their clientele and footprint. 

He hoped the same principles that have governed the operations, including transparency and integrity, will continue to be at the heart of who they are as an organisation.  He added that they aspire to be a world class pension fund and believes that it has what it takes to get there.

“It is pleasing to note that to date, the Fund has invested P24.7 billion or 45 percent of its total portfolio in developing Botswana’s different sectors as at December 31, 2016. Your determination to be active players in the growth of the national economy is very commendable,” said Morupisi.


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