Friday, September 30, 2022

BPOPF in-sourcing ‘goes live’

Botswana Public Officers Pension Fund (BPOPF) says it has ‘gone live’ in taking over fund administration and financial services.

Classified as the largest pension fund in the country, BPOPF says the transition guarantees an integrated system that will improve convenience, data security and cost efficiency for its members. 

The BPOPF’s in-sourcing process entailed taking over of all services from Alexander Forbes which include benefits administration, data services, trust services, investment Management Services, Financial Services

Briefing the media on Thursday, BPOPF Chief Executibe Officer (CEO0 Boitumelo Molefe said the campaign has been launched to educate and inform the public on BPOPF’s role and its benefit to members.

“The fund is insourcing all fund administration and financial services, and as such becomes a ‘one stop shop’ for all member queries, fund administration services and member payments,” said Molefe. 

She futher said that the benefits of BPOPF ‘going live’ include more convenience for members and stakeholders, better data integrity and greater cost effectiveness.  Molefe is of the view that BPOPF is determined to continue to nurture its relationship with our members.

“We are pleased to be launching what is to be a growing and fruitful venture for both BPOPF and our members,” she said.

She stated that through the ‘Go Live’ campaign, they intend to engage their valued members and the public in a manner that enhances proper change and a full transition, and further assures their clients that their funds are being appropriately invested. Molefe added that they strive to deliver on their promises and ensure the achievement of the funds’ goals and objectives.

Molefe believes that BPOPF is moving towards having more of its assets invested locally through citizen owned asset managers, and that the in-housing strategy will prove beneficial to members: 


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