Monday, June 24, 2024

BQA approves BA ISAGO University status change

Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA) has approved BA ISAGO University change of status from college to university with effect from 2nd June 2015.

BA ISAGO University was awarded the Letter of Interim Authority to operate as a University after applying for change of status from University College to University and after assessment of its suitability to operate as a University.

BQA acting Director Quality Assurance Phetolo Modiega said that BQA used its different structures to assess the suitability of BA ISAGO University to be awarded the letter of interim authority. She stated the application was assessed by both local and international experts to ascertain conformity to threshold standards such as having a minimum of four faculties and the suitable governance structure for a University. She added that the inspection committee, thus one of BQA’s board committees, which is made up of local experts coming from academia, finance, Botswana Bureau of Standards and infrastructural development carried out site visits in between the assessments of the application to ascertain the suitability of physical, financial and human resources, being guided by BQA’s standards, criteria and norms and standards.

“The reports were consolidated and further assessed by the academic planning and development committee, which is another committee of the board that is charged, amongst others, with the responsibility to advise on the long term plans and overall development of tertiary education in Botswana,” said Modiega.

She further said that BQA will continue monitoring BA ISAGO University to ensure that there is evidence of improvement. Modiega stated that after two years, BQA will again engage its structures to assess the progress made and if there is evidence of improvement from where we are to another level of satisfying the university standards.

“BA ISAGO University has earned its private University status and encourages the University to continue towards contributing to the provision of quality education in Botswana,” she said.
Modiega pointed out that the country is striving towards an educated and informed nation. She added that BQA expects BA ISAGO University to provide high level manpower, research and innovation necessary to drive economic development as well as to promote the cultural values which are the basis for the countries’ social development and continue assisting people to reach their potential.

BA ISAGO Managing Director (MD) Odirile Gabasiane said the relevance and appropriateness of BA ISAGO’s programmes is demonstrated by its students in the labour market, either during their internship or soon after successful completion of their programmes. He said throughout the years, BA ISAGO has been informed by the National Policy documents which guide the development of Tertiary Education in Botswana such as the Revised National Policy of Education(RNPE,1993/94);the Tertiary Education Policy, towards a knowledge Society (2008);the National Human Resources Development Strategy (2009-2022)and one of the pillars of Vision 2013,”espousing the creation of an informed and educated nation”.

“BA ISAGO’s philosophy and guiding business principles have always been premised on the understanding that there must at all times be a meaningful balance between its business imperatives and the academic pursuits of its students,” said Gabasiane.

He is of the view that the college has stood resolute and committed to its principle of “growing with quality” and has worked tirelessly towards establishing a name of its own independently.

He stated that the development of the college’s governance structures and relevant processes set the foundations on which the college has achieved its University status.


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