Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Brand Africa Global targets Botswana for 200 market concepts

Brand Africa Global, an African network agency, is launching its global African identity ‘african .iam’ along with its 200 market concept in Botswana.

The launch, which is set to take place in October 2013, talks of the identity of Africans, whoever and wherever they are. The unique global brand is founded upon three pillars that is the people, place and culture of the African people.

Briefing the media on Monday on the upcoming conference, the Chief Executive Officer and founder of the Brand Africa Global Audra Wilson-Max, said the African identity brand is focused on the development of African people, promotion of Africa and the place and the celebration of African culture.

Running parallel with the launch is the ‘Botswana 200′, which is a marketing and investment platform that positions Botswana at the center of a drive to unlock the potential of the 200 market and also escalate Botswana’s local, regional, African and global reach.

Wilson-Max said the selection of Botswana as a destination to launch the african.iam was a deliberate choice which was highly influenced by the prevailing political, economic and social stability in the country. In addition, the small population of Botswana was considered to be speaking volumes about the vision of driving Africa from few to many.

“We look at the asset of Botswana and we thought of driving the Africa.iam initiative from few – many,” she said.

The headline event is expected to concentrate on addressing and stimulating the assets of Botswana and the rest of Africa with particular emphasis on mining, finance, and agriculture, tourism, underpinned by the role of technology.

Wilson ÔÇôMax said, over the years, Africa has been looking outside for markets but now it’s time to unlock the potential that has been dormant in Africa. The 200 markets in Africa have been equated to the nine million square kilometer land mass which is the size of the USA or China, with a GDP of US$471 billion and a population of more than 200 million which makes up the 200 Market.

As the world is looking at Africa as the Africa boom region the brand is expected to help introduce Africa into the global market. The African network agency, which mainly focuses on the value of branding, owns some prestigious brands like Inspired Zimbabwe, Grow Zimbabwe and africa.iam that will be launched in Botswana.

In addition, Wilson-Max said it is her expectation through the upcoming launch and the annual conferences that will follow that intra Africa trade will grow.

Speaking at the briefing, Dziki Nganunu who is the CEO at BIC and the chairperson of the Botswana 200 said it is through such events that Botswana can diversify its economy.

“We cannot rely on diamond mining anymore; we are trying to diversify into diamond beneficiation and other minerals, financial services and make it a hub,” Nganunu said, adding that it is such activities that can help market the country.

The conference is targeting 1 000 delegates which will be drawn from a combination of local, regional and international markets.

The two-day conference will be held at the GICC from the 28-29 October 2013.


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