Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Brando shines on CNBC Africa

Known from his days as the pioneer of local RnB to his lively radio personality that set him apart as a prime talent, Brando is now gracing television screens across Africa. The new program called ‘Doing Business in Botswana’, of which Brando Tshepo Keabilwe is a presenter – aired recently on CNBC Africa, making him the first Motswana to honour such a platform on the channel. The show, which is funded by Botswana Investment and Trade Centre (BITC) and is locally the first of its kind to be aired across millions of television screens in Africa, is a great initiative that portrays a clear picture of business in Botswana.

Brando has an impressive eloquence and a highly contagious confidence ÔÇô attributes that without a doubt, made the production company select him as the best fit for the program. “This opportunity has opened me up to a world of business, influential people and has widened my awareness about issues faced by business people and the opportunities the country has,” said Brando. “It is a program that reflects the problems women in business face, what investors must expect, different business environment forecasts and the sustainability of business markets in Botswana and it is a privilege to be part of it. A wider audience gets to see what Botswana and its markets offer,” he added. The show airs every Tuesday at 6:30 PM on CNBC Africa.

As a businessman himself, owning a radio production company called Skyvex, he says the experience has been both educational and eye opening. “You get to experience first-hand the reality of business dealings and how they demand persistence, patience, determination and a strong back bone. Success is a product of hard work and a great vision,” said the 35 year old.

Laughing heartedly to my question of how many talents he has so far, he said he is an entertainer that diversifies himself. When he is not presenting, he is a deep toned voice over artist — an energised artist known for his james brown moves, a radio producer, a scriptwriter, a master of ceremonies, an actor and he is keen on exploring comedy too. He is unquestionably an all-round entertainer.

When asked about his other current projects, Brando said he is compiling a music project entitled ‘Moruti Madimabe,’ which is set to impress with its up-beat songs that will get crowds moving. He is currently shooting a video for his first single. He also revealed that collaboration between him and DJ Kuchi on a song called ‘Earthquake,’ is already playing across South Africa and will be part of the Soul Candi 2015 compilation which will soon be released.

He made known that a new TV music show called ‘Urban Soul Sessions’ is under construction, the brainchild of his company Skyvex and the Urban Soul brand ÔÇô is a show expected to bring a soulful newness to the entertainment scene by having local artists perform in the Urban Soul Store. The performances will be aired on local television stations if all goes accordingly. “We want to give people a new refreshed musical experience and this show will do exactly that,” he said.

Brando is a jack of all trades and seeks to master all. “My passion has always been to add quality to the entertainment industry. Our industry is still in its infant stage and it needs a valuable growth in all of its faculties, growth that is driven by excellence. Through my talents and efforts of like-minded artists, we are shaping this entertainment industry to its next phase,” he said excitedly.


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