Monday, June 24, 2024

Bright will keep up our star shining ÔÇô team boss

Relegation-threatened Morupule Wanderers have no intentions of parting ways with their coach Major David Bright, according to the team chairman Onkamile Robert.

Speaking in an interview with Sunday Standard Sports, Robert said whether the team relegates or survives, Bright will still remain its manager.

“We have always maintained that our vision has always been for this team to be promoted to the Botswana Premier League by 2019. That vision still stands and Major Bright is an integral part of that vision,” Robert said.

 He said while there was a possibility that the team may not reach the target of finishing in the top six positions in the Debswana First Division North League as they had planned and may even relegate, they were also aware that the coach could not be blamed.

“When Major Bright came in to take charge, the recruitment process of players had already been completed. He never got a chance to scout and beef up the team as he could have liked to do,” Robert explained.

“And to be fair to him, immediately when he took over, he sat down with us and told us that our team was not balanced. He said this from the onset, not when things were not going well. We then agreed with him that he work with what he had at his disposal until such a time we could get the team balanced,” he continued.

Robert said the team had never recovered from the loss of its holding midfielder from injury.

Now faced with the possibility of relegation despite being on position nine in the DFDNL, Robert said they were prepared for any outcome when they face Chobe United in their last must-win last game.

In what is a complex relegation dogfight in the DFDNL, all teams in the bottom six of the log are potential relegation candidates.

He, however, said even if the team did relegate, there would still be another two seasons for them to reach their Premier League dream.

Meanwhile, Robert said his team was busy at work planning to make the team sustainable.

“As part of our vision for Premier League promotion in 2019, we are embarking on a two-pronged sustainability plan for the team. The first part of the plan is to ensure talent sustainability. We plan to make sure we have a good conveyor belt of talent and to ensure our team becomes a side of choice for all the talented young players in our region,” he explained.

“On the second part, our plan is to ensure that the team does not rely so much on the mine financially. We have set up a task force of capable people to start mapping a way for us to build wealth for the team,” Robert concluded.


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