Friday, March 1, 2024

Brunch with iZaura a resounding success 

The city’s premier business hotel, Masa Square Hotel continues to make strides to provide its guests with the best entertainment and events. The hotel in partnership with fashion house, iZaura, hosted a suave brunch for business, fashion and networking enthusiasts alike on 5th November 2016. iZaura is the brainchild of renowned fashion designer, entrepreneur and socialite, Mothusi Lesolle. 

The dynamics of the fashion business was the highlight topic of the day. Fashion-lovers, entrepreneurs and culinary lovers alike enjoyed an event that was tailored for the local market with an international touch. 

“Brunch with iZaura was an incredible success and the reception was wonderful. We couldn’t be any happier to have partnered with Mothusi and the iZaura brand after having enjoyed many close-to-heart moments working together,” said Masa Square Hotel Sales & Marketing Manager, Neo Nkele.

She said the engagement was part of the hotel’s many efforts to build sustainable relationships with personalities and home-grown brands such as Lesolle’s, who is not only a powerful personality exuding such professionalism and flair in his work but also a valued partner and friend. “We look forward to realising the potential of this Brunch and using it as a launch pad for us to bring even more such strategic engagements in the future,” she said, adding, “Mothusi was a wonderful host and our guests had a fantastic time interacting with him.”

The Botswana-born fashion designer and renowned figure, who is speedily growing in the hearts of many fans for his chic and richly African-infused designer wear, Lesolle has leveraged his influence to push his brand extensively here at home and beyond Botswana’s borders. He has showcased his stellar collections in Kenya and has turned heads from as far that of the United States of America. His unwavering passion for infusing greatness in every seam his talented fingers stitch and his extensive knowledge of fashion and global trends has placed him as top of mind for fashion advice for gurus and enthusiasts alike. Over the years, he has built a sound working relationship with Masa Square Hotel, having recently played a starring role in the Masa Wedding Expo and Fashion `Show as the lead producer and exhibitor. 

Brunch with iZaura is an initiative geared at creating platforms for dialogue and conversation around the development of the local fashion industry and the promotion of entrepreneurial approaches towards seizing opportunities in Botswana’s markets. Masa Square Hotel seeks to continue supporting the fashion and wider creative industries in their growth and playing an active role in their development. 

Masa’s commitment to strengthening stakeholder relationships and championing the redefining of the local hospitality industry comes off the back of a successful rebranding in May 2016.Through the developments the business sought to up the ante on the Hotel’s premier experience for friends and families to enjoy greater value. “As a business, we continue to make sound progress with carrying out our mandate of redefining and enhancing the Customer’s experience of Botswana hospitality through our provision of quality services. As a corporate citizen, it is only fitting that we form relationships with such robust local brands such as iZaura and we commend Lesolle and his team for a brilliant job at selling Botswana to the world,” Nkele said.


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