Monday, March 4, 2024

BTCL declares ‘new era’ dawning for the parastatal

The departure of Paul Taylor as Botswana Telecommunications Limited’s (BTCL) Managing Director (MD) affected investors’ confidence in more ways than one. Considering his immense contribution to the new growth strategy post listing, it remains a debatable issue whether his departure was a calculated move or not.

As BTCL continues with its crucial transformation, Anthony Masunga who is currently the acting Managing Director will be under the spotlight to see how well he will usher in a new era that is said to be dawning the organisation.  “Botswana Telecommunications Corporation Limited (BTCL) under the stewardship of Anthony Masunga, is well on its way to become a truly customer centric organisation,” said Golekanye Molapisi, BTCL’s Public Relations Manager. 

It is common practice for contracts to come to an end, but the departure of Paul Taylor as BTCL’s MD was observed by pundits as a move reckoned to be happening in the middle of a vital interplay regarding the transitioning period of the recently listed BTCL. Perhaps the pundits considered the occurrence as one of the ‘unusual’ string of significant developments that occurred shortly after the listing of BTCL. 

In June, a month prior to the expiry of Taylor’s contract, the Botswana stock exchange (BSE) website showed BTCL’s lowest share price it had reached at the time at P1.10 and the highest at P1.25. This indicated price changes from the original price of P1.00 from which investors had bought the company stock. BSE shows as at 29 Monday 2016 that BTCL’s share plunged to its lowest price of P0.85 and the highest price still maintained at P1.25. It should however be mentioned that the movements in share price is not to conclusively deduce that Taylor’s departure is a contributing factor to the plummeted share price, but a perception to that regard appears to exist. Molapisi proclaims that “the future outlook is positive and the company is well-resourced and adequately capitalised to remain profitable.” 

With regard to the customer centric approach which Masunga is said to be heralding, Molapisi said that BTCL pledges to address slow internet speeds (ADSL) as well as improve turnaround times to maintenance and service provisioning calls. Molapisi adds that “to provide speedier and more effective service to customers, BTCL is   automating its systems and repositioning itself to cater to all customers’ communications needs. Furthermore BTCL structures and fundamentals are robust and the Company will continue to implement its growth strategy as well as capitalise on its unique positioning in the market.” 


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