Friday, March 1, 2024

Btv Breakfast Morning Show presenter on part-time contract

Following her sudden disappearance from the national television screen for weeks now, the petite Breakfast Morning Show presenter, Gaona Tlhasana, now only appears on sporadic intervals.

Gaona Tlhasana is now working on a part time contract with the Botswana Television as the ambitious woman attempts other avenues.

“I wanted to inform my fans and the general public about the move over my facebook page. I am now on a part time contract with the station,” she revealed.

The Telegraph caught up with her at a gala dinner organised by Dimension Data Botswana at which she was the presiding Master of Ceremony for the night.

A citizen owned Dimension Data Botswana has won a multi-million Pula construction project of the underground optic fibre project connecting Sekoma-Tsabong and the neighbouring villages.

The youthful Gaona is married to former Btv newsreader, Thobo Tlhasana, and her surprise disappearance had set the tongues wagging for the newly wedded couple.

Mokaragana music showbiz presenter, Amogelang Mmopi-Marumola, disappeared from the screens, only to learn she was on maternity leave.

She has since returned to the show following her successful motherhood and struts her traditional stuff on the musical showpiece designed to unearth local talent.

Brilliant and exuberant and up to date to the events around her, Gaona has even attracted the attention of Dimension Data Botswana leadership who have even promised to employ her services on similar events.

“When I was informed about her I asked who Gaona is. I let the recruitment go on. And to tell you I was really impressed by her handling of gala dinner: exuberant, brilliant and up to date,” noted Dimension Data Botswana Managing Director Duncan Pie.

He added as a thank you pat: “We will employ your services wherever such similar events happen.”
Looking lovely and brilliant, Gaona showed no signs of ill-health and discomfort during her control of the gala dinner proceedings.

Only the faces of Pauline Kgwarapi and Maipelo Montwedi beam the Breakfast Show to date on interchangeable basis.


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