Thursday, April 25, 2024

Builders World employees report management to Police for verbal abuse

Employees at Builders World in Francistown have decided to report their Manager, Surfdar Muskadma, to the Francistown Police for what they deem as verbal abuse by the manager.

The Station Commander at Francistown Central Police, Cypress Magalila, confirmed to the Telegraph that indeed they received reports last month from some individuals from the company who claim to have been verbally abused by their manager and they are busy conducting investigations.

A source from the company also told the Telegraph that employees have decided that enough is enough with the management trampling on the rights of employees, adding that the abuse has been haunting them for a long time.

“During meetings we are always referred to as “useless asses”, “f%&@ing idiots” and many other derogatory remarks,” the source said.

Among other words the manager allegedly uses include “bastards”, which he uses in front of customers.

Some other issues arising are that the employees are forced to sign and work overtime hours but they are not paid for those hours.

“Drivers who drive long distances are not given any money to cater for their needs while they are on trips,” the source said.

It is also alleged that workers are also forcibly deployed into duties they were not employed to do but when they try to raise complaints they are threatened with dismissals. The sources also told the Telegraph that a lot of things go missing in the shop but the only person who has the keys is the manager.

Reaching the Manager for comment, he said that they have resolved the matter with the board of directors and the employees and also added that if the Police still have a case, probably they are not yet informed.

The company currently employs more than 60 employees in Francistown.


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