Monday, November 28, 2022

Business powerhouses to grace First Mortgage seminar

The First Mortgage Company, which is to hold a seminar on debt management on the 9th of next month, has confirmed to The Sunday Standard the names of respected and established companies that have confirmed their attendance to present initiatives to Batswana about effective methods of handling one’s personal finances.

This workshop is long overdue considering the recent skyrocketing inflation rates of basic commodities such as mortgages and oil to name a few, said Boitshepho Bolele, First Mortgage’s director.

The seminar, which will be held at the Phakalane Golf Estate, has received overwhelming calls and bookings ahead of its staging.

First Mortgage is in joint venture with Women In Finance Company, which will be represented by its director, Coleen Larsen.

The company, which offers training, networking and mentoring, will offer training in financial literacy, opening the members to a broad understanding of wealth creation and investments.

Also to be present at the seminar will be Myvesta South Africa, which will be represented by its well-known Chief Executive Officer, Malcolm Larsen, who co-owns Myvesta South Africa, a consumer consultancy and debt management company which focuses on issues regarding debt while using the National Credit Regulator (NCR) as a reference point.

Another company worthy of note that will participate is South African-based NCR, which will be represented by its Head of Public Education, Peter Setou.
NCR registers credit providers and debt counselors while monitoring access to credit by way of researching the credit market.

Still on the international representatives from companies that will be present to offer guidance to the Batswana attendants is Diana Lyn Dale, who is the director of Finswitch and a CEO of the Association of Collective Investments in Cape Town.
Dale also happens to be the advisory committee member for CIS and pensions: financial pensions board in Pretoria.
Botswana First Mortgage director, Boitshepho Bolele, says that they have also included a few local companies to share their take on debt management schemes that could be of benefit to those affected.

Thapelo Moipolai will represent Stanbic Investments Management Services.
Stanbic Investment is an investment manager, which manages wealth on behalf of investors spanning from retail clients to institutions and clients.
Bolele said it costs P5000 for every ten employees of any one company.
Corporate bookings are to be P350 per employee before the 25th of July, thereafter it’s P500.

For more information, please contact Boitshepho on 72537788 or on [email protected]


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