Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Butale blasts Disthwanelo, calls it ‘barbarian’

Botswana has sunk so low, to the extent of failing to respect moral values and even God’s word in the Bible, which discourages homosexuality, prostitution and Satanism, said Reverend Biggie Butale.

Butale, of the Evangelical Fellowship in Botswana, expressed discontent over the mounting calls to legalise prostitution, homosexuality and, lately, Satanism.

Butale cautioned Batswana to be wary of such calls “for they are satanic and would erode the very morals that have held the society intact for years”.

“They want to take us into an age where evil is accepted as a human right,” said Butale.
He said the outside world has given Botswana the title of Liberal Democracy and everything and anything goes in Botswana.

“I can say they want to start their new world order in Botswana, which is nothing but evil,” said Butale.

The Reverend encouraged Batswana to denounce these uncouth calls by activists, saying they would create a Botswana which is difficult to subsist in.

“Soon, we will have a society where rape and murder are accepted if these calls are not tamed,” he said.

Butale lashed out at Disthwanelo’s recent calls of tolerating Satanism as a religion in Botswana, saying it should be condemned.

“This is a clear sign that the human rights organization has purely run out of cause,” he said.
Butale said when Disthwanelo was labeled as propagating satanic beliefs some time ago, he did not believe it but it is now evident.

“They are just sophisticated barbarians who are a threat to our country and we should be watchful of their actions which are unbecoming,” he said.

The man of God said Batswana should say no to evil practices, which are coming in the guise of human rights, which are Satanism, prostitution, homosexuality. “We cannot sit and watch iniquitous practices being enforced into our society all in the name of human rights,” said Butale.

He said when you turn down the so-called rights, you are labeled as old fashioned.

“We cannot make evil fashionable in Botswana,” Butale said. “We are living in perilous times but we should not let things get out of control like this.”

He urged people to go back to their Christian roots.


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