Sunday, May 26, 2024

Caf├® Dijo: An oasis for healthy food

If you thought that healthy cannot be fun and trendy then you simply have not set foot at Caf├® Dijo. Located in an intimate corner at Kgale mall, this caf├® has managed to redefine healthy eating from the conventional dull, dreary and bland to tasty, feisty and colourful.

Over a quick lunch with Roy, the desk manager, Lifestyle established that Caf├® Dijo use fresh, homegrown products and also make their own in-house condiments such as chutney and mayonnaise which limits consumption of harmful preservatives mainly found in rich processed condiments.

Healthy eating and healthy lifestyles are currently being promoted in a bid to overcome health risks associated with being overweight and eating unhealthy food. Given the fast paced lives we lead these days, people have very little time to exercise, and worse still they hardly take caution of what goes on their plates. Restaurants mostly serve processed foods rich in salt, sugar and unhealthy fats with little or no nutritional value, for this reason Caf├® Dijo provides a healthier option when one finds themselves having to eat out.

For starters, the friendly front desk manager who identified himself as Roy offered me their in house fruit smoothie which was so good that after a bit of nagging and begging he gave away the recipe. “It’s just a matter of freezing the fruit and tossing it in the blender with a dash of mango juice and, voila, a healthy hearty smoothie,” said Roy.

Roy went on to describe Caf├® Dijo as a multinational restaurant and is confident that anyone from anywhere across the globe will be more than happy to rendezvous with them. He further stated that they realised that many people were inclined to consume fast food, so what they did at Caf├® Dijo was make fast food healthier: “We have the best food in the world,” he said with a chuckle.

Upon inquiring about  the wine cellar mounted on the wall, Roy explained that in accordance to the country’s liquor regulations their establishment is only allowed to serve alcoholic beverages between 12pm and 2pm.

“We are an exclusively breakfast and lunch restaurant hence the short liquor trading hours,” adding that they only have red wines and few premium beers and ciders for their customers to enjoy with their meals.

For lunch Roy provided an amazing mash and chicken dish which happened to be the special for that week. They are very generous with their garden salad which was comprised of the lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber while surprising the palate with traces of fruit and fresh herbs, followed by a treat of a slice of chocolate caramel cake which Roy boasted that they bake in house as well.

Caf├® Dijo not only has the option of hosting various events but also provide food for outside catering.


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