Thursday, April 25, 2024

Caf├® Portugalia, good food in the heart of Game City

“Most people think we are a coffee shop because of the word Caf├® in our name, yet we are a fully fledged restaurant,” said Fred Mahube of Caf├® Portugalia.

If you are looking for a place to dine with good food and service then Caf├® Portugalia at Game City in Gaborone is the place you need to go and check out.

Whether you are looking to entertain clients from work or to simply take out loved ones, this restaurant will provide such intimacy. It sits at one of the main entrances of Game City and is quite cosy with a buzz of its own.

As you walk past into the shopping mall, you cannot help but notice it. As I walked into this restaurant I was greeted by a very eager waiter and ushered to my table. My mission was to find out what Portuguese cuisine is all about and how it fits into the Gaborone market.

Caf├® Portugalia is mostly big on fish.

They boast the biggest seafood menu in Gaborone since we lost Ocean Basket. This they attribute to Portuguese people being very big fish eaters.

“Not to say that we are not good at cooking other meats; there is no type of meat that you will not find in our menu,” remarked Fred. They also have an extensive wine list and serve coffee and beer in their varieties.

I was very impressed by the way they present their food; every single plate that came from their kitchen was absolutely stunning! Most restaurants that serve portions as big as they do are not very big on presentation. At Caf├® Portugalia you may even mistake their rice for some out-of-this world food just because of the way they put it on the plate.

I have had conversations where people are very reluctant to go and eat at some restaurants not because they cook badly but because of atmosphere.

The main complaint is mostly that they need to shout to hear each other properly, either because the music is too loud or that the next table is too close, or just that from time to time they have to deal with a drunken person falling all over the place.

The atmosphere at Caf├® Portugalia was what got my attention the most. The music was very soft and almost fading in the background. It was lunch time, which appeared to be one of their peak times as the place was packed, and to my pleasant surprise it did not take long at all to be served.

I also could not help but notice how everyone was well dressed and concluded that it must be a favourite to the business entertainers, which only makes the restaurant even more decent.

Caf├® Portugalia opens pretty much when all the shops at game City are opened and a little bit beyond. They open at 10am and close at 10pm every day, which means when you are out there shopping or working, it is an ideal place to pop in for a quick and decent meal, or even just to relax and enjoy both the meal and beverage.


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