Thursday, April 25, 2024

Campaigns and wooing!

Time for the elections is no longer crawling in, but is just around the corner.

This is noticeable by the irritating noise of politicians in the evening as they campaign to win this year’s elections. If you recall back in the old days, you will remember very well that counselors used to go around, door to door, asking people to vote for them, promising developments, good living but also badmouthing their fellow competitors, as if they were any better.

The sheer propaganda and self importance is reminiscent of a man wooing a lady.

He would call all day, all night and send you sweet messages telling you how much he loves you and expresses willingness to do everything for you. He would ask his friends to call you to convince you that indeed he loved you.

The younger generation would even go to the extent of introducing you to their parents and you, as a lady, would slowly become sure that, maybe, your stars are shining brighter than the rest and allow yourself to give him a chance, reluctantly convincing yourself that, maybe, he’s better than the other lot.

Believe it or not, I am as right about this as Neo, my friend and source of inspiration. She shares the same sentiment.

Neo, a 23-year-old university student, has been burnt twice after “reluctantly convincing herself that maybe her stars shone brighter than the rest”.
Even the always alert and two-feet-on-the-ground Neo fell for these tactics.

For the first few days and months, the relationship would be like a perfect match made in heaven, going out on dates to have fun and phone calls every now and then. Just like the aspiring counselors used to do, bringing our mothers sugar, tea and even taking them to the hospital for their diabetic treatments.

“The time to start worrying is when all seems to be going well,” cautions Neo, flouting her unfortunate experiences and assuring me that things would slowly change after some time.
Suddenly, communication is cut. The counselor and the boyfriend got the vote they were after.

Now, they expect you to call; you send the boyfriend messages as if you are repaying all the money he spent on his campaign of wooing you.

Meanwhile, after winning, the counselors would become too comfortable and end up forgetting their duties of initiating developments.
No more taking mom for her diabetic treatments.

Now that elections are near, we must, of necessity, look back to see if there have been any progressive developments around.

If there aren’t any, then the counselors, along with your boyfriend, will have to step back!
And, oh, thanks to VS (music artist) who came up with a song that sends out a very strong message, saying ‘O ICHEKE’.

People, sure as mud is soft, small houses and playing around with multiple partners are for real. We live in fear as we wonder who is in our sexual network.

The thing is, when you come to think of how many partners you have embedded, it gives you a headache because, who knows, it might have been with our distant cousins!

Counselors and elections; boyfriends and wooing, strange bedfellows!


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