Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Can Letshwiti do a Hercules and clean BFA’s Augean stable?

The narrative of the local football politics is festered with tales not as beautiful as the game itself. From the Keith Masters honey pot trap to the internal wars in the BFA National Executive Committee, from the mess at the Premier League to the tales of cash for votes, the stench of local football is suffocating. As Letshwiti raised his hand and opted to stand for the BFA Presidency, pledging to clean up the local football, most, if not all would have muttered between their breathes what King Augeas uttered to himself when Hercules offered to clean his stables, “Necessity has driven many a brave man; perhaps this one wishes to enrich himself through me. That will help him little. I can promise him a large reward if he cleans out the stables, for he can in one day clear little enough.” “We all agree that football is in a terrible state, so, somebody had to raise up a hand and offer to clean up. I have raised my hand,” Letshwiti said when speaking in an exclusive interview with Sunday Standard. Asked if he can surely clean such a viciously political and immoral association as the BFA, whilst also having some of the people accused of being part of the current mess on board, Letshwiti made it clear he can do it. “The reason why there is bickering and internal strife within local football is because there is no clear distinction of roles for everyone in the association. As such, people interfere in each other’s jobs and that is what causes the current politics. The BFA NEC interferes with the affairs of the BFA Secretariat and at the other end, the Botswana Premier League Board (BPL) interferes in the affairs of the BPL Secretariat. That is what causes the current problems,” Letshwiti explained. He said in the current setup, both the BFA and BPL boards have abdicated their main duties of strategy and decision making and are now running their respective secretariats. As a corporate executive and a director of several companies, the BFA Presidential hopeful said he intends to run the association just as he runs his companies. “I have always maintained that I aim to bring integrity and respect to local football. I am a reputable businessman with a good standing in the business community and I will not risk my integrity for petty football politics. If at any moment it gets to me that there is someone anti-football within my ranks, I will not hesitate to drop that person,” the BFA Presidential hopeful explained.  

As part of his BFA cleanup campaign, Letshwiti has made it clear that he will stamp out any misconduct within the BFA. As such, he said one of the structures he will ensure comes to being is the Ethics Committee. He said the creation of the structure will keep all in line and and ensure there is respect and adherence to the BFA constitution. “This committee will be made of very credible people and will be independent of the BFA NEC. It will be given the powers to summon anyone, including the BFA President, to appear before it if reported for misconduct and it will duly take appropriate action even if expelling that person from the BFA,” he explained. 

If elected, Letshwiti, who has made it clear he will only stand for one term as the BFA President, said during his tenure, he will seek to put in place solid structures for his predecessors to build on. According to the Presidential hopeful, also top of his ‘must do’ if elected into office will be grassroots football development, women football, building strategic partnerships and resource mobilisation.  


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