Saturday, December 3, 2022

Candle light memorial for dumped babies

Maikano Youth Wellness Organization, as part of their Say no to baby dumping campaign held a candle light memorial for all the babies that have been dumped in Botswana.

Baby dumping has become a major concern in the country as the number of dumped babies is increasing.

A total of 156 babies were found dumped between years 2009 and 2010 in Botswana. This number of cases increases every year and beginning of this year, 2011, almost every week there have been reports on dumped babies. The main causes of baby dumping have been attributed to poverty, physical or sexual abuse, and abandonment and to first time mothers.

Speaking during the candlelight memorial, Shell Oil Commercial Manager, Bobby Wame Tlhabiwe, said, “Baby dumping has the potential to reverse all our moral gains, the upward trend is quite disturbing, and considering that giving birth is nearness to godliness.”
Tlhabiwe expressed concern over what has gotten hold of women.

“I fail to comprehend and even understand what propels one to go through all the hard times of pregnancy only to commit a crime when they should celebrate.”

He said to realize the ideals of Vision 2016, the mindset of every Motswana should be changed.
“This will require a concerted campaign and Maikano is already on the right track to bring us together to dialogue on the matter and find implementable solutions to the challenges at hand,” he said.

Tlhabiwe encouraged good parental foundation that could steer children on the right path.

He urged the law to stretch its hands further because for one to get pregnant it takes two. He added that the business community, civil society and government development partners should stand up and support Maikano in their fight against baby dumping.


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