Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Car owners going for Mag wheels big time

Back in the day it was the ‘in thing’ amongst urbanites to buy a car and fit it with designer label audio systems. That trend has taken the back seat; mag wheels seem to be gaining popularity by the day.

The popular American hit TV show, Pimp my Ride, hosted by rapper Xzhibit, seems to have substantial impact on local automobile owners, judging by the continuous increase in the number of vehicles fitted with ‘Bling bling’ wheels.

So popular is this trend that even expensive SUVs can be seen fitted with equally expensive looking shinny low profile mag wheels.

A visit to a local Mag wheel dealer has confirmed this observation.
“We are currently seeing a significant increase in Mag wheel sales,” says Mooketsi Gaboipewe, a sales man at Tyre City in Gaborone.

There is an increase in the number of people buying these stylish rims despite the hefty price tag that comes with them.

Gaboipewe says his clients include men and women of varying ages.

Mag wheels prices range between P3, 000 and P7, 000, depending on the size and quality. Normal wheels cost between P800 and P1, 500.

Mooketsi revealed that besides adding a posh, urban and sophisticated look to ones’ vehicle, mag wheels serve the same purpose as ordinary wheels, but contain certain features that make them better if not safer.

“Mag wheels are mostly made from magnesium and alloy, thus are lighter than wheels made of steel. They also increase the balancing in a car because they are mostly low profiles.”

The influx of Japanese vehicles, which come fitted with standard mag wheels, could be another reason why more people are investing in fancy rims.
Chris Modise, a thirty-year-old graphic designer who lives in Gaborone drives a Japanese made Toyota Corolla fitted with 16-inch low profile mag wheels for which he paid just over P4000.

He says he was prompted to do this pricey investment to keep up with the current trend.
“Most of my friends are doing it and, besides, it makes my car look stylish. If you go around Gabs you will find that most guys have fitted mag rims. No one wants to be seen driving a car with the traditional wheel cover because they get loose and fall off, making your car look unattractive if not incomplete.”


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