Thursday, July 18, 2024

Car wash hosts BBQ Sundays by two young chefs

For many people Sunday afternoons are for outdoor relaxation and mingling in various locations countrywide. Hence two young chefs – Nkele Kelebogile Morake and Mompati Nage – have come up with BBQ Sundays to create an environment where people can relax and enjoy despite all the pressure that life brings.

According to the Chefs, the car wash has been operating for a long time and has an established clientele and therefore they are guaranteed of customers. The Centre Park Car Wash provides food during week day morning’s dubbed “The Breakfast Spot”. 

“Our aim is to create the norm of availability of food within that area and it is closer to our neighbourhood which makes commuting much easier,” noted Nage.

BBQ Sundays aims to become a home grown gourmet barbeque spot that embraces Botswana’s meat culture by using culinary expertise. 

BBQ Sundays menus are not standardised, hence they change every week. Their prices differ all the time as prices range from P40 to P120. The centre also plays some cool musical tunes for motorists as they unwind while waiting for their vehicles to be cleaned up for P40.

Nage and Morake attended culinary school at the Capsium Culinary Studio in South Africa and attained diplomas in food preparation and Culinary Arts. 

“We are slowly going to change and make additions to our work area, to eventually turn it into a kitchen, more over we need the local fresh produce market to avail themselves to us as qualified chefs in the streets to prepare fresh dishes with local stuff,” highlighted Nage.

BBQ Sundays operates from 1pm to 7pm. “Our preparation of our food is done at our kitchen, not at BBQ Sundays/The Centre Park Car Wash to ensure hygiene. The choice of Centre Park Car Wash is it is owned by another young hard working entrepreneur and we decided to approach him about the concept which he liked and allowed us to utilise his place,” concluded Morake.


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