Saturday, December 3, 2022

Carjacker nets 15 years in prison for armed robbery

Justice Lot Moroka has sentenced Mandadi Chiviya to a total of 15 years behind bars and fined him P3000 for armed robbery of cars.

Chiviya was facing 44 counts for stealing cars at various places in the country over the past years.
Passing sentence, Justice Moroka said that he failed to see any mitigating circumstances in the actions carried out by Chiviya but that there were plenty of aggravating facts in that the cars were taken from their lawful owners by force.

He said that the owners of such cars were left without their cars, for which they had worked hard to acquire. This, he said, prejudiced the owners of the cars.

Moroka said that for this, Chiviya needed to be punished hard for his crimes against members of the public. He then ordered that the cars be given back to their owners.
Chiviya showed no emotions as judgment was read to him.

Outside the court, before sentencing, Chiviya complained to his friends that he was wrongly convicted as there was ample evidence that showed his innocence.

After the judgment, Chiviya, who was flanked by friends and relatives, was driven away to prison where he has been remanded for some time. Merapelo Mokgosi prosecuted.

In another matter, Lobatse High Court Judge David Newman sentenced Poelo Thanana Kebonang to 12 years imprisonment for murdering Panki Banks Tshegisi, by stabbing him with a knife on the thigh.
Kebonang was a habitual criminal who had, on the same day that he had killed Tshegisi, robbed two other men of their phones by force.

Another Old Naledi resident who was robbed by Kebonang said that he was surprised that the killer who stabbed several other people, including himself, could be sentenced to only 12 years for having taken another man’s life.

“I wished they had hanged him,” protested the man who declined to be named, saying Kebonang’s friends, most of whom are criminals as well, might harm him.

Kebonang also showed no remorse during the reading of his sentencing and hurled insults at photo journalists who took pictures of him.


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