Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Cash-strapped BFA to spend over P200, 000 on their AGM

In the build-up to the assembly, the BFA National Executive Committee (NEC) members have been involved in a war-of-words in finding the most suitable place to host what is possibly the most tense event for many years. While BFA has settled for the luxurious Gaborone International Conference Centre (GICC) for the one-day event, it is reported that it has not gone down well with some members of the NEC.

To add more salt to the pain, Sunday Standard is reliably informed that the regional delegates will be accommodated at the fancy Met Court Inn Hotel, a few metres away from the Conference Centre.
Sunday Standard has seen a number of heated emails which NEC members exchanged in the build-up to the event. The heated debate was prompted by the words said to have been uttered by NEC members in regard to finding suitable accommodation for the estimated 65 delegates who are supposed to be taken care of by the association.

It is reported that at one of the NEC meetings, the pro-Fani group crushed one of the members who suggested that the delegates be accommodated at Lekidi Football Centre hostels since the national teams would not be in camp.

“One member said it would be not right to accommodate the delegates at Lekidi because it disadvantages the president (David Fani) who is seeking re-election. The main idea of suggesting Lekidi was to cut costs since we know that BFA is broke,” said a source.

Sunday Standard investigations reveal that BFA would spend an estimated P64, 750 at GICC and P106, 600 for two nights’ accommodation. It is revealed that BFA would have saved more if they were to host the event at University of Botswana (UB) auditorium, which is available on the said date. “It’s sad that people are looking at their own interests but not that of football,” added the source.

When contacted for comment on Friday afternoon, BFA chief executive officer Duncan Kgame said that hosting the event at GICC does not mean that the association has secured funds anywhere. He said that they are still in poor financial state but there was no other option because the assembly has to take place.

“We tried all options available to us and the only place for us was GICC. It would have been nice to find a place where we’ll be able to cut costs but there was none. You must remember that its seven months now and we’ve not received anything from the government. For the assembly, we’ll have to use the money from FIFA so that the assembly can take place,” said Kgame. He did not want to discuss on the said heated arguments which NEC members engaged in recent times about accommodating delegates at Met Court Inn.

“It would be not right for me to dwell on those issues,” Kgame added. According to sources, BFA is likely to receive funds from outside donors to settle the costs of the assembly. It is not yet clear what the interests of the donors are but sources reveal that they (donors) want to see Fani continuing to be at the helm.


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