Monday, April 19, 2021

Cashiers watch security video of themselves stealing

Two female cashiers and their male supervisor at an Engen Filling Station in Bontleng, Gaborone, watched the TV screen to witness their own daring theft of liquid fruit drinks, three pies and Rosemary Cream Biscuits worth P48.

The manager of the shop played the surveillance camera tape after he told them that some of the stock was missing from his shop.

Kebofilwe Rajone, 22, of Modimele Ward in Thamaga, and Kgalalelo Monyadwe, 22, from Lesomo Ward in Mogapinyana, both cashiers, pleaded guilty to the charges of stealing by servant. Their supervisor pleaded not guilty to the charges of theft common.

The three were all goose bumps and goggle-eyed when the quick shop management was asked to play back the quick shop surveillance camera video again in front of the whole staff and the police.
The camera beamed video footage of the three joyfully munching away inside the shop and leaving the shop without paying for the stolen goods hidden inside their bags and pockets.

State Prosecutor from the Urban Police Station, Constable Happy Six, told the court that the stolen goods could not be produced in court because the three accused told the police that they had eaten the evidence.

Kgosi Dikwalo Monametsi wanted the police to bring him evidence indicating that the two cashiers were first offenders. The case continues next week Wednesday when the male supervisor will also appear before the court.


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