Saturday, September 26, 2020

Changing your life positively

It is eminently pertinent for people to be familiar with the possibility of positive change in their lives. If only we can be prepared to pay the cost, our lives can change for the better. Change is never comfortable. It ceases to be change the moment it turns out to be comfortable.

Recognize that your current position is not a twist of fate but of your making. The truth of the matter is that you are your own past.

The way things are in your life is a true reflection of your past. Past in this context means decisions and thoughts you entertained consciously or unconsciously. Moving into the future therefore is not easy for it calls for you to discipline your past (failures & successes) and pick up some new disciplines. Maintaining the status quo is living the past. There should be no longer conformity to the past. Things have to change.

It’s very important to appreciate that positive change is not automatic. Just like your current position was not automatic, there is nothing in future that’s going to be involuntary.
Systematic things; thoughts and subsequent actions have to be put in place for change to be effective. When change is involuntary, it constantly gives you negative results. Just like a garden, you do something or not, things are still going to grow. Change is still going to take place, you want it or not. Its either growth or disintegration!

The following are the three fundamental elements that are very necessary for any authentic positive change to happen.

There is a huge difference between a desire and a wish. A desire is dynamic and forceful while a wish is passive and dormant. Everyone wishes things could change in life but a few really desire to see things change in their lives. It’s not a desire if it catches you today and tomorrow you cannot trace it.

A true desire can’t be let go of. If you try to let go of it, it will not let go of you. Desire is the unexpressed possibility of an idea wishing to be expressed.
There is inherent power and ability inside you that cries out for expression and development. The way your mind communicates the existence of this power and ability is through provoking desire. Therefore if you really have a desire to see things change, its enough proof that you can make it. The intense the desire becomes, the more the power to effect change is on hand.

Never desire something you don’t expect and never expect something you don’t desire. If there is going to be a positive shift in your life, expectation is of great importance. There is nothing that is going to happen in your life without you expecting it. Many are times we hear people confess after a severe tragedy, “I expected it”. A young man who experienced great misfortune confessed that he bought an astrology magazine that morning that predicted great danger of a car accident. However he could not avoid driving because of some very important appointments of the day.

The man was charged with such fear that he was shaking all the way as he drove. He had three accidents that day, injuring one man seriously. He was suffering from shock himself, and also received some contusions and lacerations. His car was badly damaged. This was no shock to him because he expected it. Life has but very little surprises since what we expect to see happen in our lives is what unquestionably happens. This equally works in the positive and the negative. Expect positive change in your life and you will surely see it.

Create mental films of your desired goal. If you can’t see it, you are far from receiving it. The clearer it becomes on the screen of your mind, the closer it is to you. The subconscious mind takes everything that crosses the conscious mind as an instruction. It does not know the different between thoughts and the reality. If you intentionally keep seeing it in your conscious mind, the subconscious mind begins to work out ways in which it can be brought to come to pass. You have to see yourself rich, feel it to a point of even smelling the kind of scent that you will produce when you are actually immensely rich. Your imagination should not be focused on poverty and the negative, focus on what you want and you will see it happen. Do not spend your time focusing on what you don’t want for the reason that it turns out to be an instruction to the subconscious mind which will instantly begin to work it out for you.

I read of an incident where scientists were given permission to experiment on a criminal who was sentenced to death. The criminal was informed that he was to bleed to death. With his eyes blindfolded, a small scratch was made on his arm, but not deep enough to actually allow blood to flow. A small stream of warm running water was allowed to trickle down his arm into a basin, which he felt and heard distinctly.

The scientists began making remarks on the progress of the bleeding and his growing weakness. They commented on how the man was now approaching death. The man died in a short time, and suffered all the symptoms of a person who had bled to death. His subconscious mind actually created a reality based on false information from his imagination. Get good pictures on the subconscious mind and they will surely take place in your own life. Get up today and change your life. You can get the life you want!

* This article is condensed from ‘Change Your Life’ by Gerry Robert, a motivational speaker and bestselling author.


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