Thursday, March 30, 2023

Charitable organizations receive donations from Letshego

Letshego has done it again this year by donating a total of P257 300 to a number of charitable organizations.

Every year, Letshego gives 1 percent of its profits after tax to provide support to and build communities that they operate within through various charitable programmes.

Frederick Mmelesi, the Chief Executive Officer, said, “Letshego aims to make positive contributions towards sustainable national development and, in particular, improving the welfare of vulnerable children in society.”

Child Line, Masiela Trust Fund, Council of the Disabled, I AM Special Education Society, Cancer Association and Lifeline received donations from Letshego in recognition of the commendable work they do in helping the less fortunate children in society.

Child Line Botswana received a cheque of P100, OOO as a token of appreciation for the great work being done for the children.

“P62, 123 will assist in the completion of a multipurpose counseling center to satisfy Embassy Japan grant and the remaining will go towards operational costs of running the organization,” said Mmelesi, adding that “children are the most vulnerable to the denial of their rights and abuse and they need our support”.

Masiela Trust, an organization which was established to complement government and strengthen community initiatives in caring for the needs of exploding numbers of orphans and vulnerable children, walked away with a sum of P73, 100.

The money has been channeled towards the completion of Phase One shelter for the hopeful community, a child care centre for orphans and vulnerable children in Ramotswa.

Mmelesi said the funds will be spent on materials and labour for this project. “Your role in child protection is unsurpassed and this donation is a contribution to securing Botswana’s future through our children,” Mmelesi said.

He added that cancer is surely becoming an ever increasing issue in Botswana and Letshego is dedicated to help in awareness campaigns. The cancer association received a sum of P50, 000 towards awareness, care support programmes. In addition I AM Special Education Society received a sum of P34, 200 which is intended to support 3 disabled children to continue their studies at I am special Education Society.

Lifeline Botswana received a sum of P50, 000 as a full sponsorship of one toll free telephone help lines. Council for the Disabled received a sum of P50, 000 which will be used for capacity building of member disability non government organizations in human resources development.

Mmelesi said Lesthego will be launching the Lesthego Scholarship programme this year with the aim of bridging the gap between the organizations, government individuals in private sector.

“We are committed in working towards the realization of Vision 2016 ideals,” he said.

On behalf of the charity organisations that received donations from Letshego, Cancer Association representative, Thebe Baile, said, “We accept Letshego’s generous support, the number of cancer patients, disabled people and orphans is steadily growing in Botswana and the need for support is growing too.”

The funds raised will go a long way towards reducing the impact of cancer by increasing awareness and education to promote healthy lifestyles. It will also help provide for orphans and vulnerable children and also help the disabled who are most discriminated against.


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